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MUSIC WORLD: Rare Biggie Interview

Back in 1995, a UK TV show titled “Passengers” decided to profile then up-and-coming rapper, Notorious B.I.G. Fresh after the release of his debut album, Biggie takes the interviewers around his hood with some cameos from Lil’ Kim, Faith Evans, and his mom. Check it below.

Faith Evans on camera smoking weed and holding Biggie‘s gun. Voletta Wallace discredits his “Christmas never missed us” line from “Juicy.” Just chock full o’ gems.



TAKE IT BACK TUESDAY: Puff Daddy and the Family “All About the Benjamins”

As I’m working on some new business ventures, all I can sing in my head is “All About the Benjamins.” So this week’s Take it Back Tuesday is dedicated to everyone’s favorite stunting track. Check the video below.

You wanna rumble with the bee huh? This was back when music videos were costing upwards of a million dollars. This was also when The Lox thought it was a good idea to be Bad Boy affiliated. Both turned out to be bad ideas.