PERSONAL WORLD: Apology x Revamp

First, my bad. Perfect World Radio has been cannibalizing all my time leaving me with minuscule interest and free time to really devote to my blog. But without this blog, Perfect World Radio would not exist. So I’m back. More focused. More unique content.

It’s unclear whether anyone was missing me, but whatever. Ha! Devoting myself to posting the hottest and latest EVERYTHING music related is no longer a sound business model or anything that interests me right now. Perfect World Radio will be taking care of all the new songs and gossip of the week. If you haven’t listened yet, it’s every Wednesday, LIVE at 8PM!

So if you’re still reading (and I hope you are), I’m revamping with some new and old features so you know what to expect from In a Perfect World… If you’ve been rocking with me since 2007, you some of these may be familiar.

Music Mondays: relevant and fun Spotify playlists

Album Reviews – New and Revisting of “Classic” Albums

(More) Artist Interviews – from myself and compiled from the internet

Take It Back Tuesdays

Video of the Week

Foto Fridays

If there’s anything else you’d like to see, let me know! Otherwise, stay tuned as Perfect World Media continues to grow and blossom!


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