MUSIC WORLD: TLC Playlist + New Song

As part of my revamp, I’m bringing back Music Mondays! Whoooop! I used to love compiling relevant playlists and sharing them. Personally, my Prince playlist was my favorite. But TONIGHT on VH1 at 8PM, “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story” is premiering. A lot of people are skeptical, mainly because of the casting. But as a former fan of TLC,  I can’t wait to see this movie. They’ve been on a full promo run and if you remember their Behind the Music, some of this may be familiar information. But I’m ready!

I think the casting is dead-on and I can’t wait to see how much Drew Sidora, Keke Palmer, and Lil’ Mama embody the biggest-selling girl group EVER! In celebration, I’ve decided to share my Spotify playlist. Like I said, I’ve beeeen a fan, so I’ve had most of this playlist more than a year. It was just a snapshot of my favorites, but now I’ve included just about every song they’ve ever made. Also, below the playlist, you can listen to their new song “Meant to Be” below.

Will you be tuning in tonight?I know I will. Join me on Twitter @traysay8!


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