RADIO WORLD: Perfect World Radio!! Ahhh!!

So I started my own radio show. What have I gotten myself into? I’m excited about  the prospects, but this is my first time on the “radio” though I’ve been wanting to do it pretty much my whole life!! I will be broadcasting on Wednesdays around about 8PM (CPT) on or the app [editor’s note: CPT = colored people time]. Anywaydoe, check out my first LIVE show below.


I’m starting at 30 minute shows but PLEASE let me know what you think. I may expand to 45 minutes. Feedback is soo necessary. I want to make sure I’m making shows you want to tune in to. You can download every track I premiered tonight below.

“You Song” – Lil’ Wayne x Chance the Rapper

“Primetime” – Janelle Monae x Miguel

“I Be On That” – Meek Mill x Nicki Minaj x Fabolous x French Montana


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