VIDEO WORLD: Kanye West “Black Skinheads”

After proclaiming that the second verse in “Black Skinheads” is the best rap verse of all time, of ALL TIME, Kanye West has officially released the video. It’s best watched on his website, for the full effects. It’s interactive, so get your mouses ready.

Watch the trippy ass video HERE.

Still one of my favorite songs from his album Yeezus. Thoughts?

*editor’s note* am I tweaking or is the mouse on his website a hand with the middle finger up?


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  1. Y’all notice he’s doing asmolt the exact thing he did with the offical version of the “Flashing Lights” video, right?By which I mean only doing a portion of the song and not the whole thing. actually hes really is doing the same thing as he did with flashing lights. The basic form of a music video is to have a series of sets or locations, with which are paired outfits and/or props, to have the artist in some of these locations, and to cut between them for the duration of the video. You can have some of the locations be, say, barns (or places in Brooklyn) and some of the people in the locations not be band members, but asmolt all videos including many mini-movies stick to this scheme: 4+ disparate locations cut up and rearranged. A standard-issue music video presents numerous constructed images (the locations) and then explores them, as visuals, quickly.Now look at the Flashing Lights video again. You’ll notice, I hope, that it does not do this at all. Instead, it presents one image and explores it slowly, and it’s able to do that is because the image has depth. It is not just a set on which to dance, but something with multiple levels that reveal themselves over time. What happens over and over in this video is that things are revealed: the landscape reveals a car, the car reveals a woman, the woman takes off her clothes to reveal her underwear, the lighter reveals the fire, the fire reveals the woman’s body, the trunk is opened to reveal Kanye bound and gagged, the woman reveals the shovel, and when the camera pulls back to deny us exact knowledge of what she does with the shovel, it holds back on the final reveal and thus preserves the tension that all those reveals build up to. What started as an empty stretch of land has become something with characters, a plot, and flash. The cuts, if you will, are internal, are included in the image. it offers many of the same elements that music videos (and especially rap videos) usually do hot, half-naked woman, luxury goods, explosions but it uses them in an entirely new way. It is not just stylized, but hyper-stylized, so unreal that it becomes packed with meaning.

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