MUSIC WORLD: Beyonce “Bow Down/ I Been On” + Unscrewed Version

So Beyonce back? No word what this song is or where it’s supposed to end up. But Beyonce released a new track. It’s chopped and screwed and features an aggressive and cursing Baddie Bey. Check it.

“I took some time to live my life, but don’t think I’m just his little wife…”


This chick isn’t playing. I’m not sure who she’s coming at, but this is what the fuck I wanna hear right now. You interested? Mrs. Carter Show may or may not be the name of her new album. And this may be a teaser track. Thoughts?


The unscrewed version has appeared online. I still prefer the “official” mix. But hear Beyonce spit her shit on the second half of the track.


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  1. Unlike Bey, but it’s not bad. She sounds like she’s going to war, girl! lol

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