MUSIC WORLD: My Quick Review of T.I.’s “Trouble Man: Heavy is the Head” + Download Link

To say that listeners are skeptical for any new music from T.I. is putting it lightly. Earlier this year, he released a few buzz singles that were completely disappointing. There was “‘I’m Flexin,” “Hear Ye, Hear Ye,” and “Pyro.” Each got progressively worse. The public was left wondering if T.I. could ever bring it again or was he done. He has become the family man, the modern day Cliff Huxtable. Welp, he found his stride again on this album. My full review is below.

I pressed play on the Tip‘s latest album hoping and praying I wouldn’t be disappointed. I was pleasantly surprised. There’s been rumors that this may be his last album. It’s not exactly The Black Album, but it’s a far cry from the horrific No Mercy. This album sounds like a grown T.I. In the album, he visits themes that are befitting of his current life. He talks his gun charges and subsequent prison sentences, he talks about his family and wife, and he talks about balling out. It works.

In theory, T.I. presented this album as a concept. He wanted you to know he’s troubled  and presented songs indicative of that. The R. Kelly-assisted “Can You Learn” most represents that. The track opens with an interlude detailing his infamous arrest before the BET Awards a few years back. R. Kelly sings, “Baby, could you learn? Could you learn to love a troubled man?” The Marvin Gaye influence is clear. Listen below.

The album also includes standout performances from Meek Mill and A$AP Rocky. Each song sees T.I. taking the best qualities of both artists and projecting that into his vocal performances. “G Season” featuring Meek Mill finds T.I. at his most agressive spitting lyrics like:

Fuck what they say bout my cases, fuck what they say bout my lady, fuck what they say we were doing on that day in visitation.

A$AP Rocky‘s appearance is appropriately about smoking weed and features a short skit that details his arrest while smoking weed in LA. A$AP Rocky proves again why he’s someone to look forward to in 2013.

Then there’s “Guns and Roses” featuring P!nk. It’s a clear departure from the majority of the album and is poised to become a radio single. P!nk sounds good, but I don’t like this T.I. He feels much more believable on the similarly-pop song, “Hello” featuring Cee-Lo. I did enjoy the track following, “The Way We Ride” in which he plays with the chopped and screwed sound.

Then of course, there’s “Sorry.” Not enough could be said about Andre 3000‘s verse on that track, so I won’t even try to sum it up. But as a whole, the album doesn’t disappoint. I don’t necessarily think T.I. is going to gain a slew of new fans with this album. But I do think that old fans will return and be pleasantly surprised.

My overall review: 3/5… There are some cluggers that feel unnecessary and weigh the album down. His features shine though and the production is memorable. And I love albums that include a proper introduction track.

Standout Tracks: G-Season,Wildside, Sorry, The Way We Ride

Throwaway Tracks: Cruisin’, Wonderful Life, Hallelujah

What do you think? You can purchase on iTunes or download HERE. 


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