MUSIC WORLD: My Review of Wiz Khalifa’s “O.N.I.F.C” + Download Link

Wiz Khalifa has a lot to prove. After dropping his critically acclaimed “Kush and Orange Juice” mixtape, fans and critics were waiting for his debut album to drop and make waves. Enter Rolling Papers. The album was a full disappointment to most, including Wiz himself. Skip past a couple more mixtapes and now we have O.N.I.F.C. (which is an acronym for Only Nigga in First Class). Check my full review below.


First, let’s discuss the album cover. When it was released, bloggers went crazy. Most hated it. I kinda love it though. It shows how Wiz Khalifa currently views himself. He’s a rockstar. The cover is Cruella de Vil meets Jimi Hendrix and I fucks with it. The album fits the entire theme of the title and cover: Wiz Khalifa is the only nigga in first class.

The overall sound is familiar to Wiz fans. The album features Akon, Cam’ron, 2 Chainz, Pharell, Juicy J, The Weeknd, and his fiance/future babymama Amber Rose. Yes, Amber Rose makes an appearance, albiet brief. The album opens with an airy intro followed by a braggadocious track detailing just how rich and famous Wiz is now. Yup, that’s pretty much the theme of the album. More money, more Roberto Cavali. The next track is pretty much about the same thing. He repeats, “I got so much money I think I should pay for all this/They ain’t down to spend how much they say cuz they ain’t ballin'” in the chorus of “Bluffin.”

Akon serves as the first guest feature of the album but is largely overshadowed by Cam’ron‘s appearance on the next track, “The Bluff.” I’m loving how artists are reaching out to Killa Cam for features. My favorite line of his appearance, “I’m Killa, he Wiz, but all our checks are Cameron.” Check out the low budget video below.

Wiz’s first single, “Work Hard Play Hard” follows the track featuring Cam’ron. Unlike some singles, it doesn’t really sound better sandwiched in between other album cuts. Wiz’s album becomes decidedly personal in “Got Everything” featuring Courtney Noelle. In this track, he discusses his love for Amber Rose despite how his work and schedule makes it hard to see each other as much as they’d like. Say what you want, but it’s so evident how much these two are in love and it’s infectious. The album slows down a bit with the haunting track, “Fall Asleep” about nothing more than stacking money, smoking weed, and being the flyest nigga out. *yawn*

Skip past “Time” and then 2 Chainz makes an appearance on “It’s Nothin.” I always thought this song was unfairly hated on. I kinda rocked with it and in the grand scheme of the album, it fits. Check the video below.

The next track, “Rise Above,” features Pharell, Tuki Carter, and Amber Rose. Honestly, this is one of my favorite tracks on the album. And Amber’s super brief appearance is tolerable since she just contributes a small refrain at the end of the song. The album swings towards the upbeat with the next track. The first features Lola Monroe in a song where she surprisingly doesn’t completely disappoint. And Amber makes another appearance in voicemail format at the end of the track. My favorite part was hearing the beep from a smoke detector  in the background that clearly needs it’s battery replaced. Anywaydoe, Wiz gets his sexpot on with “Up In It” that borrows some familiar synthesizer sounds from “Computer Love.”

The album’s last tracks seem to appeal to the various sides of Wiz that fans and critics know. There’s “No Limit” that could’ve fit perfectly in Rolling Papers. Then there’s “The Plan” featuring Juicy J which would work perfectly in any of his “Cabin Fever” mixtapes. “Remember You” is the perfect radio single, featuring The Weeknd. Feels more like a track from The Weeknd than Wiz, but it works. And “Medicated,” featuring Juicy J and Chevy Woods, could’ve definitely been on “Kush and Orange Juice.” 

My overall feel of the album: It’s better than Rolling Papers. But how hard was that to do, really? The production shines, Cam’ron and Tuki Carter standout more than any other features on the album. Wiz fans won’t be disappointed, but this is far from a rap classic or even an album I can see myself revisiting in a couple of years for entertainment purposes. Riding and rolling? This is definitely the perfect soundtrack.

My review: 3 out of 5 stars. 

Standout Tracks: The Bluff, Fall Asleep, It’s Nothing

Forgettable Tracks: Time, No Limit

Still interested? You can download it HERE.


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