MUSIC WORLD: Rihanna x Kanye West “Diamonds Remix”

Well look what we have here. Kanye West decided to drop in on Rih Rih‘s latest single, “Diamonds.” Yes, this is at least Kanye‘s third song with the title “diamonds” in it. Check the remix below.

This song is much more tolerable with a verse from Mr. West. Rihanna‘s 7th studio album, Unapologetic, drops next week. You downloading copping?


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  1. all you people who say EW at this don’t know a fuinkcg thing about anything.. Rated R was her best album and will remain that way. it was true to her heart and the suffering she went through. The visuals were perfection. Lyrically it spoke of her hardship in her relationship and abuse, it spoke of her troubles but I don’t expect any of you little bloggers to know what I mean by my commentsRihanna has been in the studio since the end of the Loud’s creation. mark my words you will all be retracting your tonguesyou can say words like Artistic Expression or Inspiration, but so can my 4 year old little brother there is a reason why she has so many number 1 s has sold over 20 million albums and is featured by everyone SHE IS A FUCKING POWER HOUSE! this picture is fantastic. it has the Rough Rider Chick 60 s -80 s new york vibe it is very classic and classy, it is different from Loud it is different from Rated R it is different from all her albums, SO what if this one song is a club banger? how many singles are club bangers these days but you all sap it all up and buy them..

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