Monthly Archives: November 2012

MUSIC WORLD: T.I. x Andre 3000 “Sorry”

T.I. released the much-anticipated collaboration track with Andre 3000 last night. But then again, when isn’t a verse from Three Stacks not anticipated? Nonetheless, the track is titled “Sorry.” Listen and download below.

Download “Sorry”

This definitely isn’t boring and they have nothing to be sorry for. The track will appear on T.I.‘s new album, Trouble Man: Heavy is the Head. It’s set to drop December 18th, 2012. You copping?



VIDEO WORLD: Lil’ Wayne x Detail “No Worries”

Finally. Lil’ Wayne released the video for “No Worries” months after the track has populated radio rotations and listener’s iPhones. Guess better late than never. Check it below.

His new album, I Am Not A Human Being, has been officially pushed back to February 19th. But he ain’t got no worries.

MUSIC WORLD: King L(ouie) “King Louie’s Trust Issues”

Guess he’s still going by King Louie. Anywaydoe, he released a new track that may feel familiar to those of you that are earlier fans of King Louie. It’s called “King Louie’s Trust Issues.” Check it below.

He don’t trust them bitches. But do you blame him? This track is supposed to be part of his mixtape, “Drilluminati” set to drop next month. After “My Hoes They Do Drugs” and this track, his music may be worth a second or third listen.

VIDEO WORLD: Young Jeezy “Get Right”

Young Jeezy released a visual to his new track, “Get Right” over the weekend. Blue bandanas and Ciroc everywhere. You can’t ban The SnowMan. Check it below.


This is definitely reminiscent of class Jeezy and has been generating a lot of buzz. The track is supposedly going to be Jeezy’s new mixtape, not his next album. Let’s wait and see.

TV WORLD: Rihanna Performs “Diamonds” on X-Factor UK

Rihanna stopped by X-Factor UK to make it rain, literally. She performed her single, “Diamonds” and got a little wet. Check it below.

Even though I hate this song and would much rather hear Kanye West over the beat, I can tolerate this performance. It was solid. If you haven’t downloaded purchased her 7th album, Unapologetic, it’s in stores and online now.

MUSIC WORLD: Game x Wale “Stripper”

Anyone who knows me, knows that I pretty much loathe Game, and his music. But when I saw that he collaborated with Wale for his new track, “Stripper,” I had to listen. Listen and download it below.

Smooth. Based on the tracks circulating on the web, Game’s album Jesus Piece may be decent.

MUSIC WORLD: Rihanna x Kanye West “Diamonds Remix”

Well look what we have here. Kanye West decided to drop in on Rih Rih‘s latest single, “Diamonds.” Yes, this is at least Kanye‘s third song with the title “diamonds” in it. Check the remix below.

This song is much more tolerable with a verse from Mr. West. Rihanna‘s 7th studio album, Unapologetic, drops next week. You downloading copping?