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MUSIC WORLD: Kendrick Lamar “The Jig Is Up (Dump’n)”

Kendrick remains on the tips of everyone’s tongues. After reporting an impressive 242K in first week sales, Kendrick Lamar tweeted this:

Of course we were all expecting a feature WITH J. Cole, but instead it was a track titled “The Jig Is Up (Dump’n)” produced by Jermaine. Check it below.

“Ya’ll pray to God this week I be putting up bombs/ I pray to God this beat is good enough for Shyne/If not, J. Cole your shit is trash/But at least my opinion just made everyone laugh.”

Not the greatest beat, but who’s arguing about getting more Kendrick this week? It was nice to hear him address Shyne too.


TAKE IT BACK TUESDAY: T.I. “Rubberband Man”

Remember this T.I.? Before The Family Hustle, before being sent to prison two times in one year? This was the 2003 T.I. I remember when “Rubberband Man” made its way to Chicago. Check this week’s Take It Back Tuesday below.

Years later and still no word on how he keeps those knit hats on his head. I wonder if this T.I. is still buried underneath the T.I. that releases songs like, “Ball.”

VIDEO WORLD: Ludacris x Kelly Rowland “Representin”

Just in time for the season of the cuff, Ludacris enlisted the go-to girl for a sexy hook for his new single. He and Kelly Rowland sex it up in the new video. Check it out below.

Though I’m completely over Kelly Rowland singing these “sexy” hooks and songs, I like this track. No word on when Luda‘s new album is scheduled to drop.

MUSIC WORLD: My Review of Meek Mill’s “Dreams and Nightmares” + Download Link

Meek Mill has been bubbling as the new hot artist from Philly for more than a year. After the releases of two successful mixtapes (Dreamchasers 1 &2) and aligning himself with Rick Ross‘ Maybach Music Group, Meek Mill has seen his stardom rise. His debut album, Dreams and Nightmares, is set to hit all retail outlets tomorrow. Ahead of that release, check my review.

Meek had already released his intro to the album and it garnered a lot of buzz. It played off the duality of the project, dreams and nightmares. Yes, he’s still screaming on the mic, but his lyricism shined during the intro. But then everyone hated his debut single, “Young and Getting It” with Kirko Bangz. And that pretty much sums up the album, some hits and some misses. Accompanying him on the ride include Rick Ross, Nas, John Legend, Drake, Wale, Trey Songz, Mary J. Blige, Louie V. Big Sean, Sam Sneak, and 2 Chainz. Whew!

The album sounds exactly what you’d expect from Meek Mill. I’m not sure how that makes you feel, but it’s not exactly a compliment. As I started working on this review, I had the album playing and I didn’t even realize I had gotten through half the album. That’s how unexciting I find it to be. His storytelling is reminiscent of what you would expect from him after listening to his “Dreamchasers” pair of mixtapes. Rick Ross‘ production influence is apparent and he makes no less than three appearances on the album.

The song that looks good on paper, “Maybach Curtains” features Nas, John Legend, and Rick Ross is underwhelming at best. Nas‘ verse is acceptable and reminiscent of his past (a favorite topic of his). But, I would’ve preferred to see him on another track, on another album perhaps. In appreciation for “Dreamchasers 2,” the best tracks on the album are still “Burn” and “Amen.” The album feels and sounds like Maybach Music Group. There’s nothing particularly exciting or fresh on this album. But then there’s “Tony’s Story Pt. 2.” Anyone not familiar with the first one, check it below. Meek Mill is calmer and sharing a cautionary tale, eloquently. The same can be said for part two. I’m a fan.

I don’t know if rappers are listening to Reasonable Doubt before they include Mary J. Blige on their debut albums or something, but Meek Mill has followed Kendrick Lamar with including her on the album. Let’s end this trend here. The rest of the album pretty much continues about the same, blah. The regular release ends with “Real Niggas Come First.” Something about the track is magnetic to me. It’s a good way to end the regular release. But considering no one ever buys the non-deluxe version of the album, the real last track is “Freak Show” which features some guy named Sam Sneak and everyone’s favorite comedian 2 Chainz. The ratchet in me looooves this track. Mention of molly, knob slobbing, vagina and 2 chainz? I rock with it. It doesn’t sound like anything else on the album, but that’s a good thing.

My Overall Rating: 2.5/5… It’s one of the more boring debut albums I’ve ever listened to. I don’t really see myself going back to it. *Pressing play on Dreamchasers 2*

Skippable Tracks: Polo & Shell Tops, Young & Gettin’ It, Who You’re Around

Standout Tracks: Dreams and Nightmares, Tony Story, Pt. 2, Freak Show

If you still want this album after reading this review, you can download it HERE! 

VIDEO WORLD: King L(ouie) “Val Venis”

Guess the rest of the world is catching up, littledidtheyknow. Almost a year after “Val Venis” impacted Chicago, King L has released the video for it. Check the bank heist video below.

Love the snapshots of Chicago shit. I believe this serves as the first official single from his new album Dope & Shrimp. In case you missed it, he also released a crazy new track with Juicy J and Pusha T called. “My Hoes They Do Drugs.”

MUSIC WORLD: The Weeknd “Enemy”

Along the vein of every other track he’s dropped, The Weeknd dropped a sexy track this weekend, no pun intended. It’s titled “Enemy.” Check it below.

This smooth track will not be released as part of his “debut” album, Trilogy. The album drops November 13th. Will you be copping?

VIDEO WORLD: Will Smith Freestyles

This video has gone kinda viral. Will Smith recently attended Gabrielle Union‘s birthday party. He and Doug E. Fresh surprised the crowd with an impromptu freestyle. He then goes in to his biggest hit, “Summertime” and the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” them song. Let’s not forget Will Smith was the  Fresh Prince. Check it below.

The funny thing about Will Smith being one of the highest paid actor in Hollywood, young kids probably didn’t even know he used to be a rapper, especially not a Grammy-winning rapper. I hope this doesn’t mean we’ll get a new album though.