MUSIC WORLD: Wiz Khalifa x The Weeknd “Remember You” + “O.N.I.F.C.” Tracklist

Wiz Khalifa has released a new track from his album O.N.I.F.C. This one features the crooning of The Weeknd. Word on the street is this is his next single. Check the smooth track below.

I’m actually really feeling this track. The Weeknd shines on this track, but it’s still apparent this is a Wiz Khalifa track. The Weeknd is releasing his debut album, The Trilogy, November 13, 2012. It will be a combination of his three mixtapes plus some new material.

Speaking of albums, Wiz Khalifa has decided on a release date and dropped the official tracklist to his sophomore project. Check both below.

O.N.I.F.C. (Only Nigga in First Class) Tracklist

01. Intro
02. Paperbond
03. Bluffin’
04. Let It Go
05. The Bluff f. Cam’ron
06. Work Hard, Play Hard
07. Got Everything f. Courtney Noelle
08. Fall Asleep
09. Time
10. It’s Nothin f. 2 Chainz
11. Rise Above f. Pharrell
12. Initiation
13. Up In It
14. No Limit
15. The Plan feat. Juicy J
16. Remember You f. The Weeknd
17. Medicated

Is Killa Cam trying to make a comeback? He’s been getting features like it’s 2005 again. The album is set to be released December 4, 2012.


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