MUSIC WORLD: T. Gaines “Everything Again”

If you truly know me, you know that new music doesn’t move me. Even if I know you, if I think you’re wack, I won’t be shy about sharing my opinion. So with reason, my homie T. Gaines hesitated to tell me that he even rapped. His apprehension is completely justified with every other homie from so-and-so thinking they can craft a rhyme or two and make it big. But, T. Gaines is different. Yes, he can spit. Yes, you can relate. What makes him amazing is the amount of time and energy he put into crafting his debut EP.  “Everything Again” relates to what’s hot in music without being expected. You think you’re gonna listen to some haphazard basement-recorded mixtape? Think again. Check out “Everything Again” by clicking the link below.

Download “Everything Again”

Since this is my homie, I felt it wouldn’t be responsible to present a full review. So instead, I’ll let you handle that. Thoughts? Start a discussion below.

The wonderful production was handled by The Innovatorz and Kyle Ellis. Show them some love too.


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