VIDEO WORLD: “What Do You Know About Black History”

So… it’s been a while. I’ve been busy working my 9-5 and launching by profitable business Diva Delectables. In this time, there have been many a story I wanted to share my opinion on. Beyonce had a baby. Etta James passed. J. Cole wasn’t nominated for the “Hottest MCs of 2011” list. And more. But today, my friend Nia shared a video with me taped by a student at Brigham Young University. Just watch it.

My thoughts…

Outside of the obvious offense of [BAD] blackface, I have a few comments to make about this video. I didn’t take it too seriously, but at the same time, it was kinda “chin-scratch-worthy.” Fine, you don’t know when the month dedicated to Black History is. That’s cool. Buuuut, here are some interesting facts from the video.

  • Malcolm X was the head of the Black Panthers, apparently. And he was all about integration.
  • Samuel Jackson… wait no, Will Smith and Tupac were historical figures.
  • Celebration of Black History Month includes eating lots of fried chicken and grape juice. That’s a fact.
  • Black people in Alabama are still “colored.”
  • A White guy that acts like a Black guy is a tool. But a Black guy that acts like a White guys is classy.

Not taking into account where the video was taped (BYU), I wonder how many of these same “facts” could be found on other campuses or random streets in America.

Your thoughts? Was it more funny or offensive? Or is this just a video of “Shit Unexposed People Say?”


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  1. Very distrurbing. I couldnt help but to shake my head at these “matter of fact” statements that were made by these “higher educated individuals”. Its a shame that our histrorical figures are reduced (no offense) to Jay-z and Sam Jackson. And who still uses the term Jungle Fever?

  2. I felt like their ignorance was comical. I wouldn’t take it as far as disturbing, but I honestly think this is what “unexposed” people really think of black culture.

  3. Hello! This is my 1st comment here so I just watned to give a quick shout out and say I really enjoy reading your blog posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same subjects? Thanks a lot!

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