MUSIC WORLD: DJ Kid Clay’s “Clay Creation Volume II (The Survival)” Mixtape

DJ Kid Clay has been featured on this blog previously, most notably for “Free Mix Fridays.” While still working on perfecting his craft, DJ Kid Clay took the time to develop a new mixtape blending and mixing various genres. Check out “Clay Creation Volume II (The Survival)” below. The mixtape is a mixture of Top 40/Dance Hits and Hip-Hop. Press play.

About the mixtape:

With the release of Clay Creation Vol. I in March (2011) and the reception it received, it was a perfect time to release Volume II. Volume I was an energetic compilation of songs blended and scratched by DJ Kid Clay. The Mixtape consisted of songs by premiere artists in the music industry from that was broken down into 3 different genres (Dance, Hip-Hop, & Reggae). Volume II is delivered with the same formula with a wide variety of songs blended and scratched at an level of high energy. Featuring tracks from LMFAO, Dev, Drake, Frank Ocean, Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, and more, Clay Creation Vol. II promises to please fans of Hip-Hop and Dance/House music. While the first Clay Creation focused on the definition and meaning of creation itself, Volume to explores the art of survival.

His superior blending skills are made evident with this release. I’ve never heard such fluid transitions. He’s doing what you can’t… good job!

Make sure you follow DJ Kid Clay on Twitter and Facebook and check out his official website for up-to-the-minute updates and the official tracklist.


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