MUSIC WORLD: My Fave “Watch the Throne” Tracks + “Otis” Video

Just like most of the fans of Jay-Z, Kanye West, and hip-hop in general, I was up last Sunday night downloading Watch the Throne from iTunes. And after listening for a little over a week, I have my own [humble] opinion on how I feel the album should’ve flowed and what tracks should’ve been bonuses. Reviews are fun and all and I’ve read some hilarious ones (See: Ghostface and Complex), but I think this presents me the opportunity to take what we’ve been given and  present the top 3 tracks that fit what I expected from Watch the Throne. Check it.

Disappointment aside, I still think this album presented a point of view few rappers, or even humans, could honestly relate to. People seemed surprised that Kanye and Jay went so far into “black excellence, opulence, decadence,” but I feel like their rhymes have always been slightly out of touch to us regular people. When was the last time you heard Kanye rap about Polo? So why are you surprised he referenced Margiela? Anywaydoe, of the 15 tracks we were presented with, I have compiled the three that most fit my expectations for Watch the Throne, in no particular order.

1. “N*ggas in Paris” – I feel like this is the polarizing track of the album. Either you love it or you feel like it’s overrated. Well I personally love this song. The title alone is enough to get me excited. The content, the production (with the beat change), and the whole feel of the song is what I wanted from the ENTIRE tracklist of Watch the Throne. It’s loud and the beat keeps you on your toes.

2. “Illest Motherfu**er Alive” – Ignore the 3 minute pause for dramatics and this song is definitely a standout track for the album. Again, it fits exactly what I wanted from the two of them. Hard sounds, braggadocios rhymes, and Kanye going on a rant about Russells? What else could you ask for? We’ll ignore Jay-Z bringing up Michael Jordan AND the Beatles again since it fits the theme of the song.

3. “Gotta Have It” – This song give me the stink face, no lie. And it causes me to bob my head at neck-injuring strength. Okay, so what Kanye references “Racks on Racks” and rhymes it with Maybachs on Bachs (on Bachs)? He got Jay-Z shouting out Chicago intersections and this production is so nasty, I can’t wait to see this live. This is the feel I was expecting from the album, totally. I wish it were longer.

Honorable Mention:

“No Church in the Wild” 

What are your thoughts? These aren’t by far my list of favorite tracks, but these are the tracks I expected from an album from two hip-hop heavyweights. But while you’re here, check the video for their first single “Otis.” Two n*ggas having fun.


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  1. The album definitely set the tone. When I first popped it in, it was like Best of Both Worlds (trash & a total waste of 2 artists talent). Nonetheless to say but R. Kelly & Jay are the greatest in each of their musical categories. WTT turned out to be a different than what I expected but it worked and I like the album except “That’s My B” and “Welcome to the Jungle”. My Top 3 songs are “Murder to Excellence” “Illest Motherfucker Alive” and “N’s In Paris”

  2. Whaaaa?? I liked Best of Both Worlds! And I totally agree with you about “That’s My Bi**h” and “Welcome to the Jungle.” They easily could’ve been bonus tracks and included “Illest MotherFuc*er Alive” and “The Joy” as regular album tracks.

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