True Blood Season 4, Episode 5 Recap

Last week’s True Blood (which I watched, but was unable to recap) left us with Pam rotting away, Sookie lying to Bill about Eric’s whereabouts, Jessica (and Hoyt) rescuing a bloodied and beaten Jason, terrible Tommy being tricked by his equally terrible parents and lastly, Arlene and Terry’s possessed infant. When things picked back up in “Me and the Devil”, we saw more of the same, with a few minor connections being drawn between the ongoing story lines.

Lafayette, Tara and Jesus leave Marnie in the woods, but not before realizing how she screwed them by pissing of not one, but two powerful vampires. Except, they don’t realize they are the farthest things from both vampires minds, with Eric focused on Sookie and Pam on her continuing state of decomposition. They (mostly Jesus) decide to flee to Mexico for a magical solution. I wasn’t keen on this plan before Jesus told the story of his goat killing, knife licking and wiccan grandfather. Tara is planning to go back to her girlfriend (I feel like they hit us with that in the first episode and gave us time to see the other things that have changed in Tara before diving right back into it with the upcoming episodes) and leave Bon Temps for good…not likely.

Tommy killing his parents made sense from a plot perspective. They had already done the necessary damage to both of their son’s lives. Sam and Tommy worked well together to dispose of the bodies, and it’s doubtful anyone will notice they’re missing, so the repercussions (if any) from the murder will probably be more emotional than anything else.

Arlene and Terry now think the ghost of Rene is visiting them? And they called the Reverend and his wife (aka Tara’s mom who proved to be the exception to the rule that the mistress never gets the man)? Seriously? This haunted baby plot has gone far enough. Either shock me with something or put this storyline (and my patience for it) out of its misery. Please.

Watching Eric deduced to those disgusting blood tears made me realize how tough it’s going to be for Sookie when he inevitably turns back into the cold, asshole we all know and love. Between Godric telling him how evil he truly is and Tara doing a recap of all the messed up shit he had done to Sookie, Eric was convinced he was bad. This tenderhearted, Care Bear-esque version of Eric sees light in Sookie, a light that he equates with life and goodness, which makes her appealing on a romantic and spiritual level, as well as capable of saving him.

Hoyt, Jessica and Jason are in some kind of V-induced threesome, which doesn’t add up. The sex dreams are par for the course in TB, but it doesn’t explain why Hoyt was there. Is it because Jason is part were-panther now? Have Jessica and Hoyt exchanged that much blood? Was Hoyt just a projection of Jason’s guilt? Or was the dream symbolic of an actual love triangle that will develop between them? Either way, it has potential and works well with the brewing issues between Hoyt and Jessica.

Bill was a busy man:  dodging “romantic” propositions from his great (a few times over) granddaughter Portia, putting a glamour on Marnie and trying to find a non-killing answer for the witch situation. All of these were good filler, but it appears that Bill doesn’t really get interesting until next week, so we’ll save his discussion until then. Based on the previews for next week, it also looks like he will interrupt Eric and Sookie, which was mostly Pam’s fault but does not bode well for me enjoying his character this season.

Outside of the major happenings on TB, there were also a few minor things that stood out:

  • Jason made his rape sound almost humorous and it reminded me of the Jason from seasons past, before he became Mr. Responsible.
  • Style-wise, Lafayette can usually pull of any look, but last night he (unforgivably) looked like an adult member of Kriss Kross.
  • Pam turned on Eric too quick, but due to my love for her, I’m going to assume there’s a reason behind this.
  • Alcide’s interaction with the Shreveport pack master, revealed that he’s a freelancer and all supes on TB have governing laws and systems that humans aren’t privy to.
  • There is no way Holly and Marnie were both unaware that Sookie can read minds.
  • Sookie calls for Eric, followed by a tender embrace…light kisses….and then actual kisses. Call it girly, but I experienced hardcore swooning.
  • Arlene is kind of racist.

All in all, not a particularly good or bad episode considering how (relatively) early it is in the season. I’m most looking forward to the continued Eric/Sookie dealings, Jason turning into a werepanther, Pam’s face returning to its alabaster glory and a decent sex scene (once again, Arlene and Terry prove to be not good enough). Lafayette started early with the best quote(s) of the night, but there were a few other TB goodies as well.

Lafayette: “Hookah, you pissed off a vampire and then took a goddamned nap.” AND “That’s some catchy shit for your headstone.”

Sookie: “You know when I was a kid, and I was home sick from school, my two favorite TV shows were Sabrina and Charmed.”

Bill: “Oh good, the world needs more beekeepers.”

Jason: “Jason Stackhouse, you have f—d too many hot women, now let’s see how you like it.”


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