True Blood Season 4, Episode 3 Recap

True Blood rarely has an episode that is, from start to finish, absolutely horrible. With that being said, I’ve become accustomed to either loving or liking what they offer up each week and “If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin” fell somewhere between those two. If the first two episodes served as an introduction, this week’s episode definitely began incorporating the changes that have occurred in each character during the time jump.

Eric’s memory is erased but not so much that he couldn’t remember how he lost it and what he is. He also knows who Snooki…er…Sookie is and seems to still have feelings for her. The kind of feelings that make him want to protect her from Pam and look at her with those doe eyes he had throughout the episode. And speaking of, I must say that this Eric is the cutest thing the TB universe has ever seen. He’s a liability to himself, sure, but cute nonetheless. Did Bill set him up? Perhaps.

Marnie played the ‘Wicca is a religion’ card super early and used what she felt was a disrespect of their rights to rally her coven. I do not buy for a minute that she was in any danger of being hurt by Eric. The groupthink mentality she’s developing will definitely work to her benefit and provide some kind of aid once Pam realizes she’s responsible for what has been done to her maker.

The residents of Hotshot are still knee-deep in their quest to turn Jason into a panther. Instead of this particular plot dragging, it seems there giving us a little more time seeing why the turning and mating is so important to their people. It would be more endearing if they weren’t tying up a man against his will and raping him to create panther babies.

It seems Jessica is not a relevant part of Bill’s kingdom and knowing this adds greater basis to why she’s so bored with Hoyt and yearning to stay in touch with her vampire side. I hated that she felt the need to tell him something that could have ruined their relationship, but only because she put a glamour on him right after. I hope they aren’t planning to continue this back-and-forth with her morals all season; it not only takes away from her character but also sullies what was a cute relationship between her and Hoyt.

Sookie, understandably, didn’t tell Eric that it was his home. She started off skeptical of him and it’s doubtful that that will change overnight, but she ended the episode letting down her guard just enough that we could see the potential sparks. Of course Alcide helped this along by going back to his crazy she-wolf, yet another person that was ‘safe’ who Sookie is alienated from (to his credit, this isn’t all Alcide’s fault but more a matter of him living with someone who tried to kill Sookie). It’s doubtful Eric will have messed with Sookie’s good fortune any by offing Claudine, her fairy god mother, but it’s very likely it will have some kind of effect.

Tara is doing a decent job of keeping on the outskirts of the brewing drama. Lafayette and Jesus are not. Lafayette alerted Pam to the fact that they were involved in taking away Eric’s memory, something she didn’t know before. He escalated the situation and he’s dating Jesus, who is not at all trustworthy thus far. So all in all, I’m still standing by my theory that Tara will be doing the saving this season.

Bill’s girlfriend Portia (aka the crazy Christine ‘Trinity’s daughter’ Hill from season 4 of Dexter) is dry, but Bill is also dry so that works. Bill hasn’t done anything to make him unlikeable, but he isn’t endearing this season either. I’m waiting to see his first big power play as the king and I will hold my judgment until then.

A few other things I noticed:

  • The good folks behind (yep, real site) are a prime example of how deep tensions are running between humans and vampires. This witch-hunt is being fueled slowly and I predict it will eventually spill over to all supernaturals.
  • Eric was sweet, sensitive, tender and a slew of other mushy adjectives that are a different type of sexy Eric he was in the past seasons.
  • Tara and Sam have another 3-4 episodes before they end up entangled in sheets. Her girlfriend knows nothing about the ‘real’ her and Sam was super hasty calling that fellows shifter ‘someone he is seeing’. The sex between them is inevitable.
  • The sex scenes of this episode were not TB quality. One was rape and the other was Bill and not Sookie. I expect better in the coming weeks.
  • The doll from Jessica and Hoyt’s apartment is creepy and I assumed when it wasn’t mentioned in the first two episodes it wasn’t an omen but just a throwaway from the season finale. Wrong. I think….I’m still unsure.
  • Jason is Andy’s sponsor, which speaks to the stability Jason has developed and how ridiculous Bon Temps police system is now.
  • Tommy hasn’t changed and is still scamming. Nothing shocking. No character development in the least.
  • I think we got a glance to the witch within the witch, but that could be her true face, but then again it could be someone possessing her or it could also be any of the other insane things that ran through my mind when I realized we weren’t going to get an answer just yet.
  • It was pointed out to me that Sookie was reading a Charlaine Harris (author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels) book…and it was also pointed out that this could be a spoiler for next season.

I’m excited for the next episode (per usual). I know it’s too early to see how all of this ties together, but if this is what gets accomplished with a filler-esque episode I can’t wait to see where the next few episodes lead us. My favorite quote of the night was hands down Pam threatening to personally “eat, f*ck and kill” Jesus, Lafayette and Tara, as well as every adorable word Eric said all night (“It tickles…”).


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