MUSIC WORLD: Free Mix Fridays with DJ Kid Clay [Featuring Jay-Z] + “Watch The Throne” Listening Party Deets

With the relaunch of In a Perfect World… comes the return of Free Mix Fridays courtesy of the homie DJ Kid Clay. This week, he brings us a free mix featuring the G.O.A.T. Jay-Z. In addition to the free mix (available for download), I have some deets on the lucky journalists to attend Jay-Z listening party for Watch the Throne.Check it.

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I’m far from the only person anxiously awaiting the release of Jay-Z and Kanye West‘s collabo album, “Watch the Throne.” After many rumored delays and release dates, the album still doesn’t have an official release date. BUT, you can preorder the album via and you’ll be guranteed shipment by August 2nd. The listening party last night including 20 lucky journalist and two lucky NYC teenagers who were the first two people to order the album online. Check some quotes from various attendees of the party.

For Jay-Z, Watch the Throne is showing his growth. Not so much musically but, moreso, personally. See, Jay has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to rap. That’s no secret. But now he is so established in his career, his new lyrics seem to be about his bigger purpose. [courtesy of BET]

During the conversation, Jay addressed his and many fans’ disappointment with the first single, “H.A.M.,” which was not played and may not make the final cut. He mentioned that this iteration of the album was the third, after two scrapped rounds of songwriting and recording, blaming ambition and expectation for the false starts. [courtesy of GQ]

Overall, Watch The Throne is one of the most interesting pieces of Hip-Hop I’ve heard in a long time. Many people asked is it “classic” or is it “dope as expected.” I believe, to properly enjoy the album, they are going to need to shed expectations and erase what they know. [courtesy of]

The only way to describe the music heard is maximalist, everything all the time. We’re talking finger tapping and NASA samples here. Remember that Swizz Beatz track, ‘On to the Next One’ from ‘The Blueprint 3’? Well, that is essentially the jumping off point for this new batch of tracks…Nonetheless, it seems both artists have hit their baroque period. [courtesy of]

Throughout the album, Yeezy holds his own when rapping alongside Jay-Z, a lyricist of the highest caliber. [courtesy of]

After reading each of the cited articles in their entirety, all I can say is… I CAN’T WAIT! I needed this album to drop yesterday. Few artists can really excite the music industry and Kanye and Jay have managed to double their impact by creating an album together. The album is said to also feature Beyonce and Frank Ocean, with the Beyonce-assisted track serving as the only single. You can ready each of the articles in full by clicking on the links above.


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