MUSIC WORLD: Who The F**k is Frank Ocean? [+ POLL]

Are you the only person scratching your head about all the hoopla surrounding Frank Ocean? Well don’t feel bad, that was me about two months ago. I felt like all my followers were tweeting about him and I had missed the boat. Well let me introduce you to the man that is known as Frank Ocean.

Before beefing with Chris Brown via Twitter, Frank Ocean was mostly known in inner circles as a songwriter for the likes of Beyonce, Jay-Z, Justin Bieber, John Legend, and Lil Wayne. He’s even rumored to make a cameo on Nas‘ newest album titled Life is Good and Jay-Z and Kanye West’s collabo Watch the Throne. He has emerged as primarily a solo artist, somewhere between a rapper and a singer. Mr. Ocean is also frequently associated with is hip-hop collective OFWGKTA or Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. The group consists of frequent collaborator Tyler the Creator, rapper Earl Sweatshirt, producers Left Brain and Syd the Kyd, and a bunch of other folks a la Wu-Tang Clan. You can check them out via their official website: As a group, they’ve released a shit ton of material, but the most famous was Tyler the Creator’s video “She” in which Frank Ocean played a part.

At 23, the artist has gained buzz comparable to Drake’s a few years ago. He’s gotten endorsements from a number of artists, released a wilding successful (yet relatively unknown) mixtape, and has even had a Twitter beef with Chris Brown. You can see the entire information on the Twitter Beef over at Complex. He’s been identified as a “alternative hip-hop,” but I will let you be the judge. You can listen to his most well-known mixtape, Nostalgia, Ultra– in full below.

1. Street Fighter

2. Strawberry Swing

3. Novacane

4. We All Try

5. Bitches Talkin’

6. Songs for Women

7. LoveCrimes

8. Golden Eye

9. There Will Be Tears

10. Swim Good

11. Dust

12. American Wedding

13. Soul Calibur

14. Nature Feels

You can listen to the entire mixtape, no interruptions, on There’s also a download link provided there. Most recently, Frank Ocean has released a music video to his popular track, “Novacane.” Check it.

You can follow Frank Ocean on Twitter and/or his Tumblr page while we await an official studio album from dude. Until then, what do you think? Does he deserve his Drake-like buzz?


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