TV WORLD: True Blood Season 4, Episode 2 Recap

This week’s episode started making the connections between the season premiere and developing plots. In typical TB style, we picked up where everything left off and after skipping the intro (I surely can’t be the only one that finds it gross), I was excited to finally get this season going.


Eric is romantic in a warped way and by offering a home, protection and an a-mazing physique, he speaks directly to ‘what women want’. He also seems to know Sookie in a way Bill could never manage. His methods are pushy, but continue to be effective enough where Sookie is still drawn to him. Losing his memory is a huge game-changer, we don’t know what part of his personality will remain and how he’ll interact with everyone. Hands down my favorite part of the episode.

Bill clearly got a little darker over the last few months, but I’m wondering if this is an act to keep up his ‘kingly’ appearances or a genuine reaction to not being with Sookie anymore…or perhaps…both? I don’t generally love TB flashbacks, but I liked seeing Bill in the 80s (I’m sure Stephen Moyer enjoyed using his natural speaking voice )…but Billy Idol he was not. Bill’s first meeting with Nancy explains a lot about his current role, as well as the motivation behind mainstreaming.

Sookie wasn’t within her rights to be jealous of Bill, but it was understandable. I’m sure if Bill hadn’t wanted her to walk in the room as he was finishing up with the redhead, she’d have been detained. He was sending a message. And that, coupled with with him being unable to help her, I think she started realizing how much their dynamic has changed. For better or worse, Sookie still seems the same, but now she has an understanding of why she is that way.

Sam seems to have a perpetual soft spot for Sookie and his little brother, but I still think he has a little more darkness in him before he heads back in the other direction.

Tara looks so much better and seems calmer. She’s less grating this season and not as preoccupied with being so damn tortured. However, I was disappointed that her MMA training was MIA during her altercation with Eric. And speaking of disappointment, is it hard to see how disturbed Marine is or does Lafayette just trust Jesus that much? Maybe this season it will be Tara’s turn to do the saving and be the voice of reason.

A few other things I noticed:

  • The political elements, which were merely undertones of the past three seasons, are much more pronounced this season.
  • The artificial blood was actually engineered by vampires, either they never explained that before or I completely missed it during the explanations in the first season.
  • Sam’s new lady friend looks like a mix of Kim Kardashian and Adrian from Secret Life.
  • I can’t figure out if Arlene’s baby is genuinely creepy or if she’s making him come off that way.
  • Love, love LOVE Evan Rachel Wood (Sophie Anne) and although her character died the ‘true death’ I doubt she’s really gone.
  • Pam’s dress was gorgeous. Also, I’m convinced she could have two lines and still steal at least half the episode.
  • If Bill is King, what does that make Jess? And after watching him get beat up, I was hoping it’d take her just a little bit longer to cheat on Hoyt.
  • Tommy and Sam’s naked heart-to-heart was a tad unnecessary and not to nit-pick, but they flew away, yet Sam’s ‘anger management group’ didn’t seem to be that far away when they yelled for Sam.
  • Jason will be a panther by next episode…or so it seems, which means that this episode was mostly a waste for that character AND more than half of Sookie’s friends are supernatural in one way or another.

The way HBO released this episode early, I’m sure they also realized this was basically a part 2 for the season premiere. A lot of questions were raised, but they appear to be the kind that take at least half a season to answer (everything except for Arlene’s baby…that’s boring….and it will be wrapped up soon…I give it no longer than four episodes…tops). Pam, yet again, had one of the best quotes of the episode, so here’s that one, along with a few of my other favorites:

Sookie: “Do you think my legs are gonna magically open for you?”
Eric: “Wow, that was saucy.”

Eric: “You’re blood tastes like freedom, Sookie. Like sunshine in a pretty blond bottle.”

Sookie: “I will never be Eric Northman’s puppet.”
Pam: “Shame for you, then. He pulls good string.”

Lafayette: “That’s the calming influence of that Asian pu**y at work.”


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