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VIDEO WORLD: Kanye West x EVERYBODY “All of the Lights”

One of the most highly-anticipated videos in recent memory has finally hit the internet. Kanye West has released his Hype Williams directed video to “All of the Lights.” If you’re prone to seizures, you may want to skip this one. Check it.

It’s a pretty literal interpretation of the song. Outside of a very beautiful Rihanna and a Thriller-jacket clad kid cudi, I would’ve enjoyed the surprise of having every artist featured in the video. I like it nonetheless.




VIDEO WORLD: J. Cole x Drizzy “In the Morning”

Cole World and Drizzy Drake released a visual to their collaboration from the “Friday Night Lights” mixtape. It’s one of the standout tracks from the release, so I’m excited a video has been released. Check it.

Apparently the video was shot in Paris. And I think I’m in love with J. Cole. Seriously.

VIDEO WORLD: Cee-Lo “Bodies”

Fresh from his awesome performance at The Grammys, Cee-Lo has released a video to his song “Bodies.” It features the intro to his new album The Lady Killer and few familiar faces. Check it.

Trippy. Kerry Washington, Janelle Monae and Karl Lagerfeld each make appearances. Make sure you go and cop The Lady Killer, in stores now. It’s easily one of the better albums of 2010 in my humble opinion.

VIDEO WORLD: *UPDATED* Wale’s Two New Videos “The MC” & “The Break Up Song”

Where have I been? I recently put Wale‘s mixtape “More About Nothing” back in rotation. It made me look him and see what he was up to (besides be now signed to Rick Ross‘ label Maybach Music Group). He’s released two new videos for tracks from the mixtape: “The MC” & “The Break Up Song.” Check it.

Word on the street is a full video for “The Break Up Song” will be released soon. I absolutely love the video though! I’m curious to see what the effect of his new label home will have on his career. He’s still being managed by RocNation though.


Wale released the official full video to “The Break Up Song” narrated by none other than Morgan Freeman. Check it.

I absolutely love this video! Kudos to Wale.

MUSIC WORLD: Take it Back Tuesdays- Blackstreet, Mya, & Ma$e “Take Me There”

Take it Back Tuesdays is back!  This one isn’t inspired by anything other than a random thought. “Take Me There” by Blackstreet featuring Mya and Ma$e used to be the jam! It was featured on the Rugrats movie soundtrack. Reminisce with me.

You couldn’t have told me none of these artists would be around right now. And can we all be in agreement that the 90s was the absolute worst time for clothes?

VIDEO WORLD: Omarion Covers Jodeci… HORRIBLY

Omarion had the nerve to try and touch the classic that is “Come and Talk To Me” by famous 90’s R&B group Jodeci. He reworked the lyrics to include a more sexual feel to the song. Yeah…um… just watch it.

Was that supposed to be sexy? Or even good? Yeah, major fail. Poor Omarion. Actually, poor Jodeci for not getting the proper redo. He should’ve redone the last 4 years of his career.

VIDEO WORLD: Rihanna “S&M”

After preview pictures of Rihanna‘s Sideshow Bob-esque hair hit the web, we now have the accompanying video for “S&M.” Easily one of the most quoted Rihanna songs, here’s the very colorful, and potentially controversial video.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but whips and chains excite me!”

I’m not the biggest Rihanna fan by far, but this video is appropriately racy, fun, and colorful for the feel of the song. Her album LOUD is still in stores, and selling. Cop it if you’re interested.