MAGAZINE WORLD: Khloe Kardashian Gets Feirce for YRB Magazine

While I was perusing Necole Bitchie, I came across a fierce photoshoot of Khloe Kardashian for YRB Magazine. She displays edgier looks and bucks against the common conception that she’s the “ugly” Kardashian sister. Check photos and excerpts of the interview below.


How do you balance the fine line of what is personal versus public information of you?


Because my family and I do reality TV, that line is very blurred. I try to be as balanced as possible by my surroundings. Having the same childhood friends help you with that because they keep you grounded.


What do you feel is the biggest misconception about you?


Hmmmmm. Good question. I’m not sure, but when people meet me they normally have three things to say… 1. ‘Wow you are so tiny. You aren’t fat! Ok…’ Weird, but thanks, I guess? LOL 2. ‘OMG, you are so sweet!’ 3. ‘You aren’t that tall!’ Everyone that I meet thinks I should be 6’3” or taller. So funny, but I guess compared to Kourt and Kim I look super tall. I’m 5’10” and they are about 5’0” and 5’2,” so I do look tall. I’m really just normal and they are tiny little girls. LOL.


People think you have such a tough girl persona, what gets under your skin?


When people come up to me and feel like they can say just about anything to me, [it] really gets under my skin. I might be tough, but I’m still a person and still love to laugh and have fun.


What do you have in store for us in 2011?


The year is full of surprises. There’s a new show with Lamar and I and a new unisex fragrance that he and I are both sooooo proud of. That’s just a peek.

Perez Hilton conducted the interview. You can read the whole thing over at YRB Magazine. She looks great!!


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