MUSIC WORLD: Jazmine Sullivan Quits Music?

Many Jazmine Sullivan fans were greeted with shocking news this morning. Following the low album sales of Love Me Back (as of 12/25 only 57K), her outpouring of shock didn’t translate to fans that purchased albums.

Jazmine Sullivan took to her Twitter account Sunday  to express her disdain for the industry as a whole. She tweeted:

“I’m making an official announce that I am taking a break from music. I’m trying to figure out who I am…w/o a mike, paper or pen,”

“i promised myself when it wasn’t fun anymore i wouldn’t do it. and here i am.”

“i love u all and appreciate u soooooo much. u have no idea how much u’ve inspired me and fed my ego. but the truth is that i have to believe in me whether you all do or not. and thats what i’m lookin for. that belief in myself. me. I. i love us. thanks for being here for me and riding with me on this journey. let us continue.”

I’m not gonna lie, I’m not exactly a fan of Jazmine Sullivan‘s voice, but I know that her latest album has received rave reviews, including a Grammy nomination. Those tweets have since been deleted, so the outcome of the story is still to be seen.


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