TV WORLD: Rihanna on Saturday Night Live

I was hesitant to post this when I first stumbled across the videos. First, because I’m not the biggest fan of Rihanna, especially musically. And since this is my blog, I post what I like. Also, because there’s no surprise her performance would suck. Ha! Anywho, Rihanna served as the musical guest for Saturday Night Live last night. She performed two songs and digital short. Check it.

First, the digital short.

The only good thing about this digital short is it could actually be a Rihanna song. I didn’t find her or the skit particularly funny though.

She also performed “Only Girl in the World.”

I think her voice gave me a headache, she was so off key.

She also performed “What’s My Name.”

She starting to dress a lot like Katy Perry (her bff) in my opinion. I like this song much better though. Rihanna really needs to work on her vocals and stage presence though. She can be boring to watch perform. But I guess she’s making money, so who am I?? lol


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