(NEW) MUSIC WORLD: Willow Smith x Nicki Minaj “Whip My Hair (Remix)”

How fitting. Nicki Minaj has dropped averse on Willow Smith‘s first single “Whip My Hair.” She keeps it kid friendly. Listen and download below.

“Whip My Hair (Remix)” – Willow Smith x Nicki Minaj

I wonder who’s idea this was. It didn’t really add anything to the song to me, but it was a cutesy verse nonetheless. What do you think??


Thanks to Justyn over at What’s in My Headphones, it was brought to my attention that this is actually just a copy and paste situation. It’s an old Nicki verse thrown on the track. How disappointing.


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  1. I like the remix wth Nicki Manji….Cooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll…

  2. your music rocks i am 11 and i am not even famous like you are you keep up the good work and try your best i like your song whip my hair i think you should look up to nicki manji listen to some of her songs she is the one who i look up to you have alot of hair to whip if you have a myspace i am 15 on there my email address is when are you haveing your concert i would really like to meet you

  3. I love the remix with nicki manji young money hahaha i listen to it everyday on my cell phone

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