TV WORLD: Kanye West Returns to SNL + New Album Details

Kanye West returned to “Saturday Night Live” as the musical guest despite his criticism of their jokes.  Well he performed that song (sans the SNL diss line) as well as my new favorite track, “Runaway,” with an appearance by Pusha T. Check the highly artistic performances below.

I can see the excitement in Kanye about his music right now. I love it. New verse in “Power.” Wonder if that’s the album version. And will Pusha T PLEASE get an image consultant to let him know those braids are so 1999.

Kanye West also tweeted his official album release date earlier today.

Still no word on album title as far as I know. Not that it really matters, I’m sure we’d all cop it even if was just titled Album.


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  1. No one can question Kanye’s dopest but I think he takes himself a bit too seriously sometimes…. but yeah, both performances were dope. And I’m hope Ye stays true to his 5 five album names. He’s done so with the first 3, y not continue?

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