GOSSIP WORLD: Bishop Eddie Long Addresses His Congregation

Earlier this morning, Bishop Eddie Long addressed the congregation at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. Despite reports that there would be no cameras allowed, video footage has still appeared online. He confirmed that he will be officiating services next week contrary to reports that said he would step down following today’s services. Check what he had to say below.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Hairdo and theatrics aside, he received an awesome show of support by the members of the church. And yes, he was speaking from an iPad… smh

Personally, I find there has to be some truth to the allegations. I’m not sure why, but his PR machine isn’t really making it easy to believe that he is completely innocent. Comedian Lil’ Duval has made plenty of jokes about the situation and even tweeted that he attended the service today. One tweet though, spoke volumes.

I completely agree. What do you think about the entire situation??


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  1. I think that the situation is really skeptical. First of all i know that money should not be a factor but it is. People get so big headed with all the money that they think they are untouchable and cant be caught. I truly know that God will bring wrong to the light, and that he can not serve to masters meaning the Devil and God, he has to choose and that is why God will bring out the truth! Its sad because he has a family. It makes you wonder, did he use God’s words as a clutch to put guilt on these young men?, to make them do the things that they say happened? you have to wonder.

  2. How about… “I am innocent of these charges period!”
    The real deal here is Money and Power. Mrs. Long will stand behind him because of the lifestyle she lives. When the money stops flowing… we will see who hangs around.

  3. I do not if Long is guilty or innocent. He sounds guilty as heck. Some reports I read said that he was using the Bible to try to convince the youth that the actions were not wrong. If he’s found guilty, we should not be quick to forgive and to see him as imperfect.

  4. It’s really hard for me too… It’s like, I’m not sure what to believe. I find it difficult to assume that these individuals would just fabricate a story like this with Bishop Eddie Long, who is very well-respected. He has had very little controversy in his career, so that helps me to believe that there is some truth to this story.

    And in the video, there was no blatant degradation of “I didn’t do it!” Maybe I was wrong for looking for that from him…

    • I actually believe he’s guilty but am trying to be polite. Those cell phone pics did it for me and the way he dresses. Him saying, “I’m not perfect” also is a bad sign. When the evidence comes in we will know for sure. Not going to lie. I have serious doubts about Bishop Long. He seems soooo shady.

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