(NEW) MUSIC WORLD: [DOPE OR NOPE] Kanye West x Jay-Z x Swizz Beatz x RZA x Pusha T x Cyhi The Prynce “So Appalled”

Another G.O.O.D. Friday. Another track. This one features Jay-Z, Swizz Beatz, RZA, and Pusha T again. Add Cyhi the Prynce this time. This one is the long-awaited “So Appalled.” Check it.

“So Appalled” – Kanye West x RZA x Jay-Z x Pusha T x Swizz Beatz x Cyhi the Prynce

Dirty or thirty white b*tches?? Ha! I guess he’s feeling these collaborative records these days. Just subtract Charlie Wilson and add Swizz Beatz. They are definitely constants for these G.O.O.D. Friday offerings.

What do you think?? DOPE OR NOPE??


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  1. I was really amazed by the content of the blog thanks for posting and sharing .Hoping all the readers will gain the benefits of this treasure of the blog.

  2. It was decent. The beat was dark and I love that type of ish. lol. Jay killed…but that should’ve been expected. Ye snapped 2 tho and that unknown guy was deso. Overall it gets an 8 from me.

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