GOSSIP WORLD: Bishop Eddie Long… SMH

I’ve been going back and forth about whether I would post on Bishop Eddie Long‘s alleged sexual abuse gossip. Well, now a fourth member of the church has stepped forward and say that the Bishop has physically assaulted him as well. Check more of the story below,

Bishop Eddie Long is (was??) a respected religious leader in Atlanta known for his work focusing on the development of young men. The young men that claim they were assaulted attest to the Bishop taking them out of the country, spending time with them privately, and frequently holding meetings in his private office where sexual activities occurred. The fourth victim is a member of the Bishop’s satellite church in Charlotte, NC.

Aside from how damaging these allegations are to the Bishop as a religious figure, he is also a married man with four kids. He officiated Dr. Coretta Scott King‘s funeral, sits on the board of Morhehouse’s School of Religion Board of Directors, received an award for his work with HIV/AIDS from the Center of Disease Control, and famously opposed homosexuality. He has a host of other accomplishments as well. Needless to say, if these allegation are proven true, it could shake up more than Bishop Eddie Long‘s life.

There have also been reports that as of this Sunday, he will be stepping down from his post as the Bishop of his church, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. No official word from his PR team. He has also canceled all previously scheduled interviews. The problem is usually these type of allegations are proven true. Messy indeed…

Photos courtesy of YBF

Information courtesy of CBS News


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  1. Bishop Eddie Long is being sued for some embarrassing reasons, and some Bishop Long photos have just been released, allegedly from the very people who are suing him. Bishop Long is a pastor of a very large church in Georgia. The New Birth Missionary Baptist Church claims over 24,000 members. The Bishop Long scandal began a few months ago. It involves some young men that pastor long was a mentor to. Bishop Long has preached a fervently anti-gay message for years, which makes the charges against him of inappropriate sex acts with boys that much more odd. supplied this information

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