ALBUM REVIEW: Trey Songz “Passion Pain & Pleasure” + Download Link

It feels like Trey Songz just released his last album, Ready, but yet he’s back with Passion Pain & Pleasure less than a year later. It’s been interesting to watch Trey Songz grow as an artist.  He’s developed his voice. Crafted a look. And maintained a persona that is appealing to both male and female audiences. Passion, Pain, & Pleasure is exactly what you’d expect after following Trey’s career. It’s sexy, sweet, and erotic.

The album features a limited range of topics varying from love lost, love gained, and making love. Trey Songz quivering voice is all over Passion Pain & Pleasure.  I may be partial because I’m not much of a R&B fan, but the album is just okay. If you haven’t made it to the store to grab it, you can download the full album below.

Passion Pain & Pleasure– Trey Songz

Standout tracks: Love Faces, Bottoms Up, Made to be Together, & Red Lipstick.

Throwaway tracks: Doorbell, Blind, You Just Need Me


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