PHOTO WORLD: Ameriie Goes Blond

I feel like the artist formerly known as Amerie, now Ameriie, is going through a bit of an identity crisis. First she adds a extra letter to her name, now she’s gone blond. I don’t quite understand why considering her nationalities helped her long black hair accentuate her beauty. Check the pic below.

Her explanation:

“I’ve always wanted to go platinum blonde, and I figured I’d finally just do it. One of the things that inspired me are photos I’ve seen of children in the Solomon Islands. They are very brown-skinned, and a lot of them grow white-blonde hair naturally. The contrast in dark skin tone and extremely light hair is really beautiful to me. So I just went for it!”

Umm… okay. I don’t like it.

Editor’s Note: One of my favorite sites, The Fashion Bomb, did a post on black women in hollywood with Black hair. Though brief, it was interesting.

Source: Rap-Up


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  1. I’m not really feeling it either! And I didn’t know she added a letter to her name! That is just too much for me! Dang, everybody wants to be oh so different nowadays smh…they spend so much time tweaking and molding their image and so little time on their music and then they walk around looking mad confused when their ish don’t sell…but I guess it’s acceptable to make mediocre music as long at your head is half shaven or bleached platinum blonde, if you add unnecessary letters to your name, and if you wear clothes that bite off Rihanna’s style. What has the music world come to?

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