Monthly Archives: September 2010

VIDEO WORLD: Eminem x Lil’ Wayne “No Love”

One of my favorite tracks from Recovery. Eminem’s verse is one of the best from the entire album. The video for “No Love” featuring Lil’ Wayne dropped today. Hurry up and watch it before it gets snatched down. Check it.

Another dark video from Eminem. And when the eff did Lil’ Wayne tape his portion. It’s like he hasn’t been locked up all this time. Can we miss you?? Dang!!


(NEW) MUSIC WORLD: Ciara “Shut Em Up”

Fresh from her interview proclaiming there is no competition, Ciara releases a song titled “Shut Em Up.” I guess she’s talking about her “haters,” whether imagined or genuine. Check the track below.

Hmm… I like the sound of the song. It’s much more fitting of her voice than more recent tracks. Make sure you cop her Basic Instinct album when it hits stores November 2, 2010.

Sidenote: Keri Hilson‘s album release date has just been revealed as November 2, 2010 as well. Should be interesting.

VIDEO WORLD: Mike Tyson & Wayne Brady “Every Little Step”

You read that correctly. Wayne Brady enlisted Mike Tyson to join him in a spoof of “Every Little Step.” Besides being a horrible dancer, the video is just hilarious!! Check it below.

I didn’t wanna ruin Bobby Brown‘s surprise appearance for you, but I was cracking up while watching this. Why was this made?? LMAO!!

TV WORLD: Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake’s Hip-Hop Medley

While randomly watching “The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon” last night, Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon broke off into a medley of hip-hop songs from different eras. I was surprised yet entertained. I never watch his show, but last night made me want to tune in again. Jimmy’s house band, The Roots, joined in on the fun too. Check the video below.

How awesome was that??

VIDEO WORLD: Rick Ross x Drake x Chrisette Michelle “Aston Martin Music”

Ricky Rozay and co. taped a video to their much-hyped track, “Aston Martin Music.” Check it below.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I see all of Drake’s features have been included, though that’s not the album version. My only question is, can Rick Ross really fit comfortably into a 2-door Aston Martin??

First peeped this at Miss Info.

GOSSIP WORLD: Another Bishop Eddie Long Victim Speaks

This just keeps getting messier by the day. Spencer LeGrande, the fourth accuser, spoke to news cameras today. He claims that Bishop Eddie Long knows the truth and he’s praying for him. Check the video below.

These stories are sounding more and more believable as the days go by. Fox News in Atlanta has also posted Part 2 to Jama Parris’ interview from earlier this week. Check it.

Yeah, so… open & shut case?? I don’t why I am just patiently waiting for Bishop Eddie Long to say, “I didn’t do it.”

VIDEO WORLD: Keri Hilson Performs New Single “Pretty Girl Rock” + Single Art

I was JUST reading news that Keri Hilson is pretty much abandoning “Breaking Point” and moving forward with her second single “Pretty Girl Rock.” Welp, leave it to Miss Info to provide the exclusive. Below is a video of Keri performing her new single in NYC. Check the video with great footage below plus one I found with better sound.

Sounds like more of a hit than “Breaking Point” to me. Check the single cover.

The single is set to drop on iTunes officially October 12, but I’m sure we’ll be able to download it before then. Stay tuned for the official drop date of her sophomore effort, No Boys Allowed. Are you feeling it??

Editor’s Note: I know AKAs are gonna jump all over this song… lol