TV WORLD: True Blood: Season 3, Episode 11

True Blood was a variety of teases this week. Tons of buildup, but we’ll have to wait two weeks to see which storylines will end in a climax, which will flop and which will just  set up the show for the next season. With an episode that had multiple Pam sightings it wasn’t hard to enjoy (almost) every minute.

  • The “True Death” opening reminded me of how dispensable the secondary characters are on this show. I’m not sure if this is what the producers intended, but I’m definitely going to keep the “no one is safe” attitude in mind going into the finale.
  • Bill went to Fangtasia looking for Sookie and he found Pam. They escalated their interaction from boring vampire mind games to…well…a boring vampire fist fight. I expect a dry fighting style from Bill, but Pam is supposed to bring it just a tad harder. I could only shake my head when the scene ended with her getting bested by Sookie and Yvette.
  • Lafayette and Jesus returned from their V-induced trip and it looks like “La-La” isn’t quite sure if he can trust Jesus now. I hate to agree with him, because I ADORE Jesus, but it seems like whatever freaky things they tapped into will soon show Jesus’ true colors and why he’s drawn to Lafayette.
  • I finally found the soft spot for Crystal that has escaped me since she walked her dysfunctional ass onto my TV screen. She’s living with a “by any means necessary” attitude towards her life and Jason is her out…potentially. I guess this doesn’t make her untrustworthy, but I still don’t think she’s the best pick for Jason right now.
  • Jessica has finally come to terms with her vampire reality: she craves blood and the synthetic stuff will never be enough. Telling Hoyt should have meant that he would leave her, but then we wouldn’t have received the gift of watching Hoyt’s sexy sacrifice. It was such a simple act (she wanted blood, he wanted to give it to her), but the words and the way she slid up him before finally biting his neck…well…it really pulled me into their moment.
  • The Eric and Russell confrontation was mild, considering his initial reaction to losing Talbot. I respected that even in the face of death, Eric’s “begging” never really came off as desperate. It was cute how Pam’s ring tone (or maybe it’s Eric’s default ringer) lightened what was becoming a tense mood.
  • Sam is not a happy drunk. He is not even a fun drunk. He is the drunk guy that you pray doesn’t come to the party, because he’s only going to hurt feelings and make the happy drunks sober and depressed. Terry has consistently been the voice of reason this season and this time was no different. It is good seeing Sam develop a personality beyond the “good guy” persona, but I could do without the liquor inspiration that fueled this whole rant.
  • Jason spent most of this episode recovering from his confession to Tara and Crystal’s revelation. It made sense that he sought out a familiar world by returning to the football field, a place that represented a stronger time for him. I’m hoping they don’t continue with the quarterback storyline, because unless they can tie it into something bigger, it served its purpose for Jason.
  • Whether in the TB universe or the real world, there are few things worse than a mother who insists on dibbing and dabbling into their adult child’s romantic life. Hoyt’s mom is no exception and if the preview for the finale was any indication, it appears that she’s going to take her pushiness to the next level and try to hurt Jessica just to keep her and Hoyt apart. I liked her better when she was under Maryann’s influence.
  • Tara and Andy’s argument (if it can even be called that) was awkward and uneventful. They probably could have either skipped this part or at least made it interesting. There weren’t any threats and after listening to Andy’s reasoning, Tara couldn’t justifiably be angry with him or blame him for Egg’s death. Then again…this is Tara we’re talking about.
  • I may not be a big Bill/Sookie fan, but I enjoyed watching them play the “What if…?” game. It’s something you do with someone you like (or even love) when things are too “complicated” to just be simple and normal. It was a real and enjoyable moment for these two… which meant it was destined to only last for a few minutes.
  • Arlene went to great lengths to rid herself of Rene’s baby and outside of an unnecessarily bloody scene, she has nothing to show for it. The baby is still alive, Terry was celebrating and Rene will make a cameo in the season finale. I’m still unsure of where this is going, but if it brings back Rene (even in a dream sequence) I’m still excited to see how this plays out.
  • Tara and Sam are the two characters most likely to have relationships I don’t care about. Their angry, (self) hate sex was hot enough and they’d probably be great together if either of them were emotionally functional enough to carry a relationship, but unless something changes, I’m still not invested in these two.
  • Sookie has been consistently gullible the entire season. How she continues to believe anything either Eric or Bill tells her the first time escapes me. Maybe she trusts both of them so little that she automatically believes that they would sacrifice her to Russell if it meant they would live. Hopefully Eric’s plan will show her once and for all (or for a few episodes) that she can trust at least one of them.
  • Eric also saw that Pam went a little soft this episode and in a very cute and brotherly way, he tried to snap her out of it. She may be worried that he won’t survive, but I KNOW that his plan will work. And that is exactly what I told myself during those last few moments of the episode. Eric has to survive because he’s 1/3 of the most significant arc on TB. Eric has to survive because his relationship with Pam makes both of them better characters. But mostly Eric has to survive so he can end up with Sookie. My theory for his survival is based on Russell’s age. I’m hoping that because he is significantly older than Eric, he will burn up quicker, giving Pam or Bill a chance to run out and get Eric before he burns as well. I’m patient enough to wait and see how close to accurate this theory will be…mostly because I have no other choice.

Did I mention that the finale won’t be on for another two weeks? For all of you that missed an episode or two, this would be the ideal time to catch up on an almost perfect season. Per usual, here are a few of my favorite quotes. Enjoy 🙂

Pam: This is not just about your relationship, you infatuated tween. There’s a bigger picture.

Eric [to Pam]: You know I love you more when you’re cold and heartless.

Summer: I opened up my heart to him. I showed him my best underwear. There’s nothing else I can do.

Russell: Soon, there will be anarchy – and, then, there will be me.

Crystal: All I gotta do is marry my half-brother and let him breed me until I’m old or dead.


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Television is my anti-drug. My viewing preferences are non-discriminatory, which means I'm just as likely to watch Wizards of Waverly Place and Shameless as I am to have Big Brother, Degrassi, The Big C and True Blood all patiently waiting for me on my DVR (I'm sure there's a connection lurking somewhere in there). Also...I've never seen Lost, Grey's Anatomy or Mad Men....I will never apologize for watching Jersey Shore....I think Kath and Kim, the Riches, What About Brian, Dirt, Life As We Know It, Tru Calling and the Event were all cancelled long before their time. I like my rom-coms with less than neat endings (i.e. 500 Days of Summer). I will see anything with Vince Vaughn and Jason Bateman. I've never paid to see a Tyler Perry Production.

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  1. this time is always bittersweet, sweet cuz all of the excitement coming to a head at the end of another great TB season, bitter because again this is the end of TB season. from what it looks like to me the finale stuff we be centered around what happens to russel and eric. im pretty sure russel is going to die but i hope eric doesnt i like him cuz hes one of the coolest cats on the show. and the 2nd part i think will finale around what hoits mom will try to do to jessica. i think everything else that went on is setting everything up for next season. the finale will end with closure to the whole rusell thing, then the rest will be cliff hangers to stuff well have to wait next seaon for.

    my thoughts on side stuff:
    i dont no where they are going with jason and the QB on V thing. not sure how that story will evolve and what they plan on doing with that.

    crystal and her red-neck family being panthers??? thats kind of weird, i think they should have been more shape shifters. i think the panther is to elegant of a creature for that to be what they are., they could have been at least warewolves that would have worked better.

    i dont no how eric will be saved, i know bil or pam cant go out there they will instantly burn up because they ahvent drunk any of the fairy blood. i think pam or somebody should have rigged the cameras they were watching to do a conituous feed or something then eric could have snuck around back and came back in and locked russell out when he went out. (it was funny seeing them cry and get all emotional about going outside in the sun)

    i dont no were the going with the Jesus story and what kind of past he got, im sure it has something do it with the witch craft that his dad did, jesus prolly has a bunch of demons hidden inside of him that hes not aware about yet, but ims ure he wont find out about this until next season.

    sam and tara…. yawwwn been there done that, i cant front i use to like tara in season one a little in season too, but i was kind of ready for franklin to either kill her off, or turn her. cuz im getting kind of bored with her character.

  2. As I have said from the very beginning; Don’t trust Jesus, no blasphemy. Crystal is just what Jason needs right now to get his mind off of (the awesomely named) Kitch Maynard.
    Jessica and Hoyt are making me blush more and more with each eppy and knowing how dark my complexion is I think that means the writers are doing a great job. On the other hand Sam and Tara’s little fling needs to be just that, because I don’t have the stomach to deal with it again. I like the new, or old, aggro Sam; it’s like bringing a new character to the show without actually having to get viewers use to them.
    Sookie and Bill seem to be going down the road that, inevitably, has them going “splitters” next season and allowing her to open up to Eric or maybe someone else, although I really doubt the someone else part.
    I can’t fathom TB without the likes of everyone’s favorite “vamking” (Vampire + Viking?…I don’t care I tried it) so I have to believe he will escape the sun somehow. Russell might be added to post-mortem cast soon enough though. It’s time for another plague to reign supreme on the cast, even though I’ll miss Talbot so…

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