(NEW) MUSIC WORLD: “Monster” Kanye West x Jay-Z x Rick Ross x Nicki Minaj x Bon Iver

I has trying to take a hiatus, but leave it to Kanye to bring me out of my self-planned break. He dropped a new song today, as promised. It’s titled “Monster.” Supposedly the second track from his proposed Watch the Throne EP with Jay-Z. Check it.

“Monster” -Kanye West x Jay-Z x Rick Ross x Bon Ivers x Nicki Minaj

Your thoughts?? Nicki Minaj KILLED her verse, like slaughtered. Say what you want, but she’s showing versatility. I hope Kanye keeps up these G.O.O.D. Fridays with new music every Friday until Christmas.

Editor’s Note: Jay’s verse seems to contain some slight digs at Beans… “all I see is these nigg*s I made millionaires, milling about, spilling they feelings in the air…” Beanie diss perhaps??


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  1. Upon another listen, Nicki Minaj just may have brought the heat to the entire track. Rick Ross on the other hand… forgettable at best.

  2. yea that song is nice, and rick ross is forgettable always. didnt know you had a blog, ill subscribe now

  3. Yea i dont care for this song too much but nicki did snap at the end.

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