TV WORLD: True Blood: Season 3, Episode 10

This week marked one of the final episodes of the season. It is do or die time (in the literal sense for some characters), and last week the writers picked the perfect time to start a war. I can’t say that this was my favorite episode of the season, because it has a lot of filler and was competing against at least three other episodes for that title. So I will just proclaim (perhaps prematurely, but oh well!) that this is my favorite season.

  • Apparently Sookie finds her being a fairy just as      exciting as I do. With the build-up they gave this I was expecting her to      be something really over-the-top, but this “big reveal” fell completely      flat. When Bill told her that it was widely believed that her people had      been mostly killed off by his people, I was sure martyr Bill would be      back. You know…the guy who tells her he loves her and can’t live without      her, then leaves by the end of the episode just to keep her safe.

  • The theme of this episode was definitely      flashbacks and Jason had more than his fair share. I usually spend good      portions of every episode giggling at how dumb/adorable Jason can be, but      this week we saw a different side. All of the killing he’s been a part of      has come back to haunt him and not sex with Crystal, drinking at Merlotte’s      or running around being a pseudo-cop helped him escape this. I was pretty      shocked that he told Tara the truth, especially after that whole speech he      gave Sookie. And speaking of Tara…

  • I. Am. Over. That. Girl. Sure she stepped up      and got Jason away from Franklin’s (R.I.P. you sexy, deranged, demented      and slightly creepy vampire man) remains before he was caught and even      gave Sookie some decent advice regarding Bill, but as a whole, I’m just      over this character. The perpetual victim act wore out its welcome last      season and even though she’s trying to be a friend to Sookie, her approach      is callous. She is no longer endearing and unless she plays a pivotal role      in these last two episodes, I won’t be sad if she should meet end this      season.

  • Another      character who dominated the flashbacks was Sam. We last saw him blooding      up Calvin (Crystal’s father), which was a departure from his usual      easy-going attitude…or at least we thought it was. As it turns out, Sam has      been involved in similar ass-beatings in his past. “A man ain’t nothin’      without his secrets.” Indeed, he is not. The look into Sam’s past explained      his actions in the present, but also that he’s always made unfortunate      choices in his picking his women.

  • Eric left all      of his worldly possessions to his favorite girl, Pam. To be such callous      vampires, they definitely have the tightest and most human bond on the      show. I have to believe that Eric is not in danger of being killed by      Russell, but I still hate seeing him squirm. Well, as much as Eric ever      can or will “squirm”. Pam had no problem reminding him that the one thing      that can save him is also his deepest desire: Sookie. I’m not convinced      that he really is going to use Sookie as bait, if anything she’s probably      a pawn.

  • I don’t      like Crystal, but when Calvin slapped and then disowned her for letting      him be fed vampire blood, I felt a twinge of pain for her. She is clearly      torn between her messed-up loyalty to her messed-up family and wanting to      be free and some resemblance of normal. The (yet another) “big reveal”      that she’s actually a panther was interesting and should give her and Jason something      new to talk about over these next two episodes.

  • Russell and      Talbot couldn’t be torn apart, even in the “true death”. It was disgusting      to watch him STILL carrying around Talbot’s “body”, but my heart went out      to that increasingly creepy king. My jaw dropped when I realized the gay      prostitute that he picked up was Navid from 90210 (yes, I also watch that      show and I simply refuse to be ashamed about that). His tryst was not      fueled by sexual desires, but a sick sense of closure. Given next week’s      preview, I think this was the calm before the storm and now that he’s made      peace with not being there when Talbot was killed he can focus on      extracting as much revenge as possible.

  • Jesus is      one of the best things to happen to my television screen in a very long      time, which given the amount of television I watch, is highly significant.      His chemistry with Lafayette is amazing. He looks good in purple polos and      floral robes. I have nothing bad to say about him. The two of them taking      V together and traveling on a “magical journey through their family trees”      made me feel like I was the one tripping on acid. It varied between funny      (Lafayette’s facial expressions), weird (their voices switching      back-and-forth) and a tad scary the whole time.

  • The Jessica-Tommy-Hoyt      triangle either came to a conclusion in this episode or is just getting      started, and I genuinely couldn’t figure out which it was. All I know is      Tommy got his little dog body thrown when Jessica caught him trying to      attack Hoyt and when she gave Hoyt her blood it reminded me of her maker      and Sookie circa Season One.

  • In previous      seasons vampires were treated with the type of bigotry this country has      historically reserved for people that don’t adhere to the “traditional”      model. This time we were treated to burning crosses on the lawn and hate      speech written on Bill’s door. It reminded me another group, one that is      familiar with racism and all those other fun side-effects that come along      with it. I like the connections they are drawing between minorities in      this world and vampires in the TB universe. But similar to Jessica when      she discovered what had happened, I too was ready to find them and inflict      pain.

This episode gave us insight into who these characters are and what’s to come for them in future episodes (preferably the next two!). We don’t know if Tommy is going to leave Jessica alone now or go all “Sam” on Hoyt. We aren’t sure if Terry was being nice to Arlene or if he really does want to raise the baby. And we haven’t a clue what the deal is with the new waitress and her Wiccan powers. Until we find out, here are a few TB gems to hold us over until next week:

Eric: What?
Pam: Blah, blah… vampire emergency. Blah.

Summer: I can tell you’re a sexual person, Hoyt Fortenberry… I know God wants girls to wait, but I’m right about you.

Sookie: I’m a fairy? How f**kin lame

Eric: If I meet the true death without at least kissing you, Sookie Stackhouse, that will be my biggest regret.


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Television is my anti-drug. My viewing preferences are non-discriminatory, which means I'm just as likely to watch Wizards of Waverly Place and Shameless as I am to have Big Brother, Degrassi, The Big C and True Blood all patiently waiting for me on my DVR (I'm sure there's a connection lurking somewhere in there). Also...I've never seen Lost, Grey's Anatomy or Mad Men....I will never apologize for watching Jersey Shore....I think Kath and Kim, the Riches, What About Brian, Dirt, Life As We Know It, Tru Calling and the Event were all cancelled long before their time. I like my rom-coms with less than neat endings (i.e. 500 Days of Summer). I will see anything with Vince Vaughn and Jason Bateman. I've never paid to see a Tyler Perry Production.

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  1. yea i was a little let down to find out what sookie was we have been trying to figure that out for two seasons now and they gassed “what she really is” up over half this whole season, i mean i really thought she was gonna some type of mega supernatural that could run all the other supernaturals that hasnt reached her full potiental yet etc etc, i think they way they started this episode with that being the first line and her even saying that it was lame was the directors/writers lil joke to everyone like ha ha we built all that anticipation up to fool you. i mean just the way they did it right there seems to be a little humor in it.

    and yea tara lives a hard life i think every episode shes trying and stressed and depressed out about something. i was really kind of hoping that franklin made her a vamper so maybe shell start living it up or something instead of being a debbie downer lol. (your first sentence about her was kind of confusing you u said she saved jason from franklin?????)

    and so whats with crystal and her family, are they shifters like sam and his bro (remember when the dad came to the bar the first time they both were like do you smell that) or are they just panthers or something????

    i think maybe hoit will be a vampire one day maybe next season or the next.

    i hope they dont kill eric off i like him.

    this continual gays with lafeyette and jesus, and the russel and ole boy, the gayness is making me dizzy (in my ricky bobby voice)
    but yea jesus and layfette do got some kinda weird connection, and layfette face was a gag when they was trippin out, he looked like a lil kid.

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