(NEW) MUSIC WORLD: Keri Hilson “Breaking Point”

My girl Keri Hilson is back with a new single for her new album, No Boys Allowed. The song is titled “Breaking Point.” It’s a female anthem of sorts. Check it and her new promo pics below.

“Breaking Point” – Keri Hilson

I’m on the fence about the new “look” she’s going for and the song (or album title) doesn’t really tickle my fancy either. I think she’ll scrap this as her first single and instead use it as a buzz track. Only time will tell…


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  1. Even though what she’s talking about is true, Breaking Point is so weak! After this musical hiatus Keri has been on, I would have expected her to come a little harder. This song is annonying as hell and she’s just whining. Not too sure about this blond thing she has going on either. It’s throwing her completely off…lay off the bleach Keri!!

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