(NEW) MUSIC WORLD: Kanye West x Beyonce x Charlie Wilson “See Me Now”

Beyonce and Charlie Wilson assist Kanye West on his new track “See Me Now.” I’ve been so thirsty for new music for ‘Ye.  Word on the street it was recorded last night. Check it.

“I’m gonna let you finish but, I got Beyonce on the track…”

“See Me Now” – Kanye West x Beyonce x Charlie Wilson

It’s funny to hear Beyonce say “n*gga” but other than that, the track is pretty decent. I did expect a little more pizazz though. Can we have more please??

Editor’s Note: If some of the rhymes sound familiar, it’s because Kanye performed this for his Facebook fans.


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  1. Yeah…I was expecting a lil more dazzle, but its straight. And for the record (and I won’t say this EVER again) but, low key….Beyonce should’ve sang on the whole track. She really should consider making an R&B version of this song. The beat sounds like it was catered 2 her voice and style.

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