(NEW) MUSIC WORLD: Wale’s “More About Nothing” Mixtape + Download Link

Following the street success of Wale‘s “Mixtape About Nothing” last year, Wale has decided to follow his debut album up with another mixtape. “More About Nothing” relies on the same theme of Senifield clips to move the mixtape along.  The funny thing is, the mixtape is actually something. It’s a mixture of spoken word, television clips, souful riffs, hard beats, and more importantly, poignant lyrics.

This mixtape manages to appeal to women and men seamlessly. He carries much of the mixtape solo dolo and does it well. This mixtape is shaping up to be a major hit and help Wale reach a whole new fan base. My favorites include the first track, “The Problem,” spoken-word “The Ambitious Girl,” the previously released “The Posse Cut,” and the relationship-based, “The War.” But that’s just on my initial listen. I always appreciate it more tracks as I listen to any new offering. Make sure you download below.

“More About Nothing” Mixtape – Wale

What’s you’re favorite tracks??


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  1. kendra_blessed

    Mines are easily The Power, Ambitious Girl, The Posse, and The War. But, I love it from beginning to end.

  2. That’s a slick answer to a chgnienallg question

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