TV WORLD: Entourage: Season 7, Episode 4

Entourage was full of a lot of “meh” moments in what continues to be a “blah” season. I refuse to give up on the show, but I won’t fake something that isn’t there. The spark that made Entourage the semi-cult classic that it is has faded. This week we saw a lot of filler.

  • Johnny Drama is still on the cusp (the same cusp he’s been on from day one) of having a career, but the fictional network he works for seems to think John Stamos is the one who will fix this. Danny Tanner has already made multiple appearances, so throwing Uncle Jesse into the mix didn’t completely come out of left field. After watching ping-pong matches (really??) between Drama and Stamos, I was happy when he finally agreed to look at the script. In typical Entourage fashion, I’m sure this will fall through in the next episode.
  • Alex took Turtle to Mexico, which ideally would have meant a beautiful location for her to stop with playing hard to get. What this really meant is she revealed her reason for needing his help and stepping her “tease” game up by increasingly annoying amounts. The silver lining to this whole unnecessary trip?  I think if Turtle can get Vince to be the spokesperson for the tequila, it could be profitable (“if” and “could” being the very key words there).
  • Yet another Lloyd-less episode, which really threw off Ari while balancing dealing with his NFL franchise and Lizzie. Ari has went up against larger foes than Lizzie, but I think she’ll have the potential to mess up this deal if someone doesn’t step up to help him soon.
  • Eric and Scott Lavin are two short guys competing for the attention of Vince. Maybe the writers wanted to give Vince a new side-kick since Eric is getting married soon. Maybe Scott and Eric are going to combine powers and become a team that takes over the office and a little chunk of Hollywood. Or maybe (and more realistically) this is yet another lazy plot that will amount to nothing.

Sasha Grey, Jessica Simpson, Robert Pattinson and a slew of other celebrity guest stars are lined up for next week’s episode and the rest of the season. Hopefully each guest will bring a breath of fresh air and help Entourage catch that spark again. Grey will be playing Vince’s love interest, which given her pornographic talents could at the very least prove to be exciting (and perhaps raunchy) TV.


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Television is my anti-drug. My viewing preferences are non-discriminatory, which means I'm just as likely to watch Wizards of Waverly Place and Shameless as I am to have Big Brother, Degrassi, The Big C and True Blood all patiently waiting for me on my DVR (I'm sure there's a connection lurking somewhere in there). Also...I've never seen Lost, Grey's Anatomy or Mad Men....I will never apologize for watching Jersey Shore....I think Kath and Kim, the Riches, What About Brian, Dirt, Life As We Know It, Tru Calling and the Event were all cancelled long before their time. I like my rom-coms with less than neat endings (i.e. 500 Days of Summer). I will see anything with Vince Vaughn and Jason Bateman. I've never paid to see a Tyler Perry Production.

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