Sunday afternoon, I made my way to the local theater to see Angelina Jolie‘s new movie SALT.  The trailers hinted that the movie involved Angelina Jolie being accused of being a Russian spy though she adamentally denied it. As a result of the accusation, she proceeded to flee. That’s pretty much the movie. But if you like action, you’ll enjoy some of the fight sequences.

We open up with Angelina Jolie being held in North Korea and being subjected to what looks like Dick Cheney‘s favorite prisoner of war tactic, water torture. She bruised and bloody and the audience isn’t sure why. I’ll spare the details of her release, but it’s obvious that Salt is more than meets the eye. We’re then trust into her fictitious world that includes a regular job (so we think), a husband, and a dog.

Then a Russian guy comes in and accuses Evelyn Salt of being a secret Russian spy. She runs instead of talking to the authorities and plenty of hand-to-hand combat ensues. Chiwetel Ejiofor plays a FBI agent that always seems to feel like there’s more to the story. Liev Schreiber steps in as Salt’s partner who always seems to defend her and is offended by her antics. Without giving away the movie, Angelina Jolie plays her character well. I couldn’t stop looking at Schreiber as Saber from Wolverine.

If action is what you seek, this movie will provide. A detailed storyline that makes you think?? Not so much. I didn’t feel like I wasted my money, but it definitely not take you on the intellectual journey Inception did.


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