VIDEO WORLD: Tyrese x R. Kelly x [Some Dude Named] Leon Timbo in Chicago

While taking a break from filming Transformers 3, Tyrese caught up with R. Kelly and a guy named Leon Timbo in Chicago. I think Tyrese brought him based on the freestlye R. Kelly pops off in the later half of the video. His freestyle is funny as heck and this new artist Leon Timbo is pretty good. Check it below.

1. R. Kelly is a fool! 2.That boy can sang!!

I googled Leon Timbo, and besides a BlackPlanet page popping up, there was decent amount of information. He’s from Florida but has relocated to ATL. On his MySpace page it says “a soft Seal like voice wrapped in a James Taylor acoustic casing with Donny Hathaway depth and Andre Crouch wing.” I can see that. Gotta keep an eye out for him.

First spotted: NecoleBitchie


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  1. kendra_blessed

    This really funny…. I enjoyed it!

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