TV WORLD: Entourage: Season 7, Episode 3

Entourage is not getting better. The music isn’t reaching the heights it did two seasons ago and the story lines aren’t even remotely exciting. Lloyd was (once again) MIA and the fact that a recurring character not recurring in a particular episode can be so noticeable says a lot about the strength of the show this season. Here’s a quick recap of the boys and what we have to look forward to next episode:

  • E and Johnny Drama as a duo, but instead of fighting crime, these two are fighting Drama’s mediocre career. I understand the need to shake-up the pairings and dynamics already exhausted in previous seasons, but they are just incredibly drab together. Perhaps this is a set-up for future episodes, but perhaps it’s just a way to make viewers forget that they’re running out of material.
  • Vince has always been laid-back and seemingly unshaken by the Hollywood life, which makes this dramatic shift to emo/dare-devil guy completely unnatural. I wish the writers would have felt the need to explain the shift a little bit better or at least give the viewers a reason to care.
  • Turtle continues to be the quiet dynamic of this season. He’s got a great idea, a growing business, and the kind of drive that turns minor characters into major characters with storylines the viewers don’t grow bored with. Although his scenes were brief, I found that I was actually interested in what will happen Mexico and if his business will make it.
  • Ari Gold as an owner of a football team? I probably wouldn’t have believed that in the first few seasons, but with all of the success he’s had, it makes perfect sense now. I think Mrs. Ari’s reaction to Lizzie was understandable and Ari refusing to promote her was a smart move as a husband, but it’s not going to stick. Hopefully potential is there for another mildly interesting plot.

“Dramedy” was a lackluster episode. Viewers are left with the same questions from the past two episodes. Will Drama finally get a solid TV career? Will Vince continue down this path that will (almost predictably) result in something negative? Is Scotty the Yoko Ono to the Eric-Vince friendship? Lastly, will Alex and Turtle squash the sexual tension or finally hook up?


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