(NEW) MUSIC WORLD: Rick Ross “Teflon Don” Review + Listen Link

Rick Ross is back. Well, he never REALLY left. And he’s holding his own with a number of guest stars for his latest album, Teflon Don, which hits stores today. I have my own feelings about Rick Ross as a person. I just don’t understand how you can steal someone else’s name and identity and use it to make money and become famous. But that’s just me. I’m here to review his latest album Teflon Don. Feature-heavy and full of stellar production, Rick Ross is giving you something good to listen to. You can listen to the entire album HERE.

Considering much of the album has been available for download far ahead of the “unofficial leak,” I’m presenting this review as a track by track analysis and having a little fun with it. I find that though the album flows, it almost seems like each track could be a single.The production of the album is sick and the features are all-star.

1. “I’m Not a Star:” This is the only track on the album without a feature. It’s honestly his best effort on the album. It’s a great way to start the album. A standout track for me.

2. “Free Mason” featuring Jay-Z and John Legend: Should be epic right?? Instead we get a lukewarm track with a decent Jay-Z verse denouncing his Mason/Illuminati affiliation. He presents his stance cleverly stating, “I’m on my third six but a devil I’m not…” It was nice to hear John Legend’s voice.

3. “Tears of Joy” featuring Cee-Lo: No I.D. on the track. Cee-Lo on the hook. Curtis Mayfield provides the sample. Not sure about the “Biggie Smalls after death” reference. The airy, introspective feel of this track leaves me wanting more, from Cee-Lo and from Rick Ross. I dig it. Check the video of the creation of the track.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

4. “Maybach Music 3” featuring T.I., Jadakiss, & Erykah Badu: We’ve heard it all before, literally. This track hit the net a few weeks go. T.I.‘s verse is still the standout and Erykah Badu still sounds awesome. The rest?? Snooze-worthy. Oh J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League handled this one too.

5. “Live Fast, Die Young” featuring Kanye West: Another one of those tracks that’s been floating around for some time now. Still on the fence about the Kanye West production, it reminds me of his College Dropout era. Classic, yet it feels outdated. I can’t front on the creativity though. Honestly, the verses are forgettable yet again.

6. “Super High” featuring Ne-Yo: Do I like Ne-Yo?? Hell to the no!! Is the song catchy?? Indeed!! This song has been on the radio for almost the whole summer now. Nothing new to say here. South Beach music without a question.

7. “No 1” featuring Diddy and Trey Songz: Did you really recycle your first line from “Hello, Good Morning” for this track?? Too soon Mr. Rozay. And then there’s Diddy… guess we don’t have to worry if he writes rhymes, he writes checks. Apparently for the Haitian earthquake disaster in particular. But honestly, Rick Ross’ verses on this throwaway track are pretty decent.

8. “MC Hammer” featuring Gucci Mane: Cute. Lowkey, I have like no idea what he’s REALLY talking about. MC Hammer?? Is he referring to the backup dancers or MC Hammer as in a big ol’ gun?? Someone enlighten me. Oh and Gucci raps about the “Hammer Dance.”

9. “B.M.F. (Blowin’ Money Fast)” featuring Styles P: Now we all know B.M.F. does NOT stand for “Blowing Money Fast.” And thinking you’re Big Meech AND Larry Hoover in addition to believing you’re The Real Rick Ross… doesn’t that constitute as multiple personality disorder?? Just askin’. Still some of his best verses from the album. You can turn this track off right around the 3 minute mark thus eliminating Styles P.

10. “Aston Martin Music” featuring Chrisette Michelle and Drake: There’s another version floating on the net with a verse from Drake. The official album version includes a hook from Chrisette Michelle sounding like Brandy and Drake doing his usual crooning. “I love a nasty girl that swallows what’s on the menu…” Somehow Rick Ross includes lines like this in the smoothest way possible.

11. “All the Money in the World” featuring Raphael Saadiq: I’m confused why Rick Ross is trying to sing when he paid Raphael Saadiq to handle that. This is Rick Ross‘ “redeeming” song after talking about devil-worshiping, back up dancers, swallowers, and pushing weight. It didn’t work.

Overall, the album is decent. But it could’ve easily been a DJ Khaled album. I say that in the sense that Rick Ross is not the highlight of the album 85% of the time, it could’ve been hosted by a DJ. Also the album seems to lack cohesiveness. His features and production steal the show. I can’t wait to see which beats other artists jump on. It’s a solid album though. My favorites are “Free Mason,” “Tears of Joy,” “I’m Not a Star.” You can toss away “All the Money in the World” and “No 1” with no regrets.

What do you think?? Will you be buying??


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  1. I never thought of it that way I like the album but majority of the reason why I like it is cuz of some of the featured artist but mainly cuz of the off the chain production. And is it just me but mc hammer and b.m.f beats sound damn near the same . and excuse my ignorance but what does b.m.f. stand for if its not blowing money fast

    • Exactly… the features and the production is really what makes the album, in my opinion. The actual lyrical content provided by Rick Ross is pretty weak.
      And B.M.F. stands for “Black Mafia Family” lol You can google it….

  2. rick Ross is the best there is and the best there ever will be. One day i will give him the chance to make a song with me….

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