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VIDEO WORLD: Kanye West x Rolling Stone

Kanye West is still on his promo run for his new, now untitled, album. He most recently stopped by XXL and Rolling Stone to play some new material and talk to the good people. We have video for a portion of his visit to Rolling Stone. Check it.

I love listening to Kanye West explain himself. He has so much passion for what he does.

Sidenote: Here’s his tweet about the new album title. If you aren’t following @kanyewest, you’re truly missing out.


VIDEO WORLD: Trina; “Teach Me How to Dougie Rmx;”

This post is dedicated to the weakest videos released in the past week. In my mission to deliver everything entertainment, I am posting them anyways. First up, Trina, Flo Rida, and Git Fresh teamed up for a song called “White Girl.” No, it’s not about bricks. It’s literal. Check it.

I don’t get it. This serves as her second single from her album Amazin’, in stores now.

I didn’t even know the name of the group that released this song. But the new video for the remix to “Teach Me How to Dougie” by Cali Swag District featuring B.o.B., Bow Wow, Red Cafe & Jermaine Dupri. Check it.

I’m not sure why Jermaine Dupri is still hoping on these juvenile songs… and Bow Wow is the new LL Cool J?? Really?? Not sure about that one.

VIDEO WORLD: Kanye West x Twitter

So after Kanye West visited the Facebook headquarters, then joined Twitter, a video has surfaced of him performing at the Twitter headquarters. Still in his pencil suit. Check it.

He can keep it coming… I wish it were September 14 already. Sheesh!

MAGAZINE WORLD: Diddy x Rick Ross x Janelle Monae for VIBE has been taken over by Diddy today. And in not-so-surprising news, he graces the new cover of the August/September issue. He brings Rick Ross and Janelle Monae (who is technically Big Boi’s artist) along for the ride.  The inside flap features the rest of the Diddy “family.” Check the cover below.

The issue is a double cover though, featuring Dr. Dre and Eminem on the flipside. Reminiscent of this cover perhaps:

Anywho, in the NEW article, Diddy discusses Nicki Minaj v. Lil KimRick Ross‘ comparisons to Biggie, and his own production. Should be an interesting read. Oh, and if you cared, Last Train to Paris has been officially delayed until October.

VIDEO WORLD: Kanye West x Facebook Freestyling [UPDATED]

Kanye West stopped by the Facebook headquarters looking like one of Malcolm X‘s men. But that’s the least important detail of the video clip. He spits a freestyle!! It may or may not be part of Good Ass Job set to be released September 14, 2010. Check it.

I’m drooling in anticipation, LITERALLY! Big ups to MissInfo for the post! Are you excited as me??

(NEW) MUSIC WORLD: Wale “The Eyes of the Tiger”

The male, rapper, loc’d up version of my thoughts has released a new track from his “More About Nothing” Mixtape. Wale‘s new audio contribution is titled “The Eyes of the Tiger” and uses a sample of Tiger Woods. Check him talking about marriage.

“The Eyes of the Tiger” – Wale

He does sample the same Tiger Woods soundbite that Ludacris sampled in “Sexting.” I like Wale‘s usage better. Can’t wait for “More About Nothing” set to drop next week.

MUSIC WORLD: Big Boi x WIMH Interview

The homies over at What’s In My Headphones had the awesome opportunity to spend a little QT with Big Boi of Outkast fame while at the Pitchfork Music Festival here in Chicago. Jealous much?? Indeed. Check the interview and photos below.

Totally awesome. Great questions and I love Big Boi‘s smooth southern twang *swooning* Keep reading What’s In My Headphones for the latest in secular and popular music. They’ll keep your iPod [or Zune] up-to-date.