VIDEO WORLD: Chris Brown’s MJ Tribute

I plan to post all of the performances from last night, but this performance deserves a post on it’s own. Hands down the most meaningful and heartfelt performance of the night, Chris Brown rocked the Michael Jackson tribute.  It was a year too late because of other controversies. But he left his heart on the stage and trumped ANY other tributes I have seen for Michael Jackson. In case you missed it, or just wanna watch it again, check it below.

Beautiful. I was almost moved to tears. He used this performance as a personal comeback and to remind people how talented he is.

I wonder if Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Rihanna were noticeably absent because of his participation… hmmm…

*Editor’s note: When I come across a HD version, I’ll update the post*


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  1. kendra_blessed

    Yes!!!! I loved every moment of it…. It made me shed a tear or two! It was like he was micheal 4 that time and even though he couldn’t sing man in the mirror his humble submission to his emotions made me want 2 give him that grandma type of hug! I’m glad they give him this opportunity! Good things come to those who wait

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