NAACP apparently has decided to target Hallmark for being racist. Before I speak on it, check the video overview of the situation below. I almost didn’t believe it.

My first question is: Why in the world would NAACP listen to this card and think that it’s targeting Black women and not the outerspace phenom black holes?? It’s almost as if the NACCP is calling Black women “black hos” to even hear that and become offended by the card. Who is referencing Black women? I think NAACP, not Hallmark.

My second question: Doesn’t this entire situation make NAACP seem even more irrelevant and out of touch than they have appeared in recent history. It’s Hallmark yo! The same people responsible for the beautiful Mahogany and Maya Angelou line of cards.

I commend Hallmark for pulling the cards, but I would not have heard that card and thought that it sounded derogatory towards any Black woman. Even if I could somehow pick up that the card may have said that, I would simply giggle and understand that there is no way that is what Hallmark was trying to say.

Get it together NAACP and focus on the increasing gap in education and income between minorites and the majority. Not some Hallmark graduation card.

Just my opinion…


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