MUSIC WORLD: Drake and Em’s Sales Figures

Maybe hip-hop isn’t dead. Or maybe you have to sing half your album or be a white boy. Either way, people are buying music. Drake sold something like 463,000 units in his first week for his debut album, Thank Me Later.

That’s actually pretty f’n awesome considering the album leaked two weeks early and everyone and their third cousins downloaded it. I still wanna know what would happen if you put on 3D glasses and looked at his album cover.

Anywho, I remember when the only dudes moving units were Em, Pimp Juice, and Hov. Well subtract Pimp Juice (bka Nelly) and add Drizzy to that equation and it still hold true. First week predictions for Eminem‘s Recovery is even better. He’s estimated to have sold more than 600,000 units in his first week.

Puts Drake right to shame huh? Also a stunning feat considering his album leaked a week ago as well. Both are solid offerings so they deserve those numbers.

Sidenote: The Dream‘s new album Love King also hit the next this week. *sigh*


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