TV WORLD: True Blood Episode 2 Recap

First, as I continue to work towards expanding and growing my blog, I have decided to provide the opportunity for contributions from other writers. The first and only so far is Nicole Nalls. Her writing resume is long and I am honored to include her. She also LOVES True Blood just as much as I do! Her assignment: True Blood Season 3 Episode Review and Recap. Here’s her first post. And feel free to leave your opinion too.

True Blood Season 3; Episode 2

If last week’s season premiere was designed to tell us where our favorite Bon Temp residents had been, this week definitely let us know where they (and the season) were going. The opener with Bill (disgustingly) holding a werewolf’s ear in his mouth brought us back to the dynamic hour we expect of TB.

I’ll admit, I’m not a huge fan of Bill, so the introduction of Russell, the Vampire King of Mississippi, was just fine with me. Not only had he kidnapped Bill, but he entered the scene on a horse AND has a minion named Cooter. Before we learned his purpose, or why he went through so much to get Bill, we bounced from scene-to-scene: Tara’s suicide plans thwarted by her more interesting cousin Lafayette, Sookie running to Eric (something I’m sensing will be a theme this season), and the very glib Pam teaching Jessica the skills for draining but not killing a human.

I really like Eric, he’s just human enough to not be a complete asshole, but still never lets us forget he’s a vampire. Something the overly moral Bill has yet to accomplish. I enjoy the side of Sookie that Eric brings out and especially that she doesn’t have to protect him.

During all of these high-emotions, we were “treated” to a flashback. Usually when TB does this, I’m bored. Don’t give me a backstory I don’t care about, it’s filler and unnecessary. Luckily, or maybe this was just my Eric-bias, this one didn’t suck too bad. It was relevant to this werewolf story they’re developing and it gave Godric (Eric’s maker who died last season) more screen time.

When the flashback was over, we went back to present day. More of Jessica pushing Hoyt away. More of Jason being adorable. And more of Bill and Russell.I feel bad for Jessica. She’s young, as a vampire and (former) human. She doesn’t understand how things work and without Bill, she continues to turn to Pam who has no desire to be the kind of mentor Jessica so obviously craves.

Jason seems to want the glory that Andy is getting for killing Eggs, but he’s matured enough (at least for now) to realize that this situation is the only one that will keep him out of trouble. Russell offered Bill not only a job as “sheriff of Mississippi Area Two” but a buffet of blood-themed goodies. Now whether or not this is just a ploy to get to the Queen, we don’t know, but I personally hope Bill fights and remains kidnapped until Eric can break Sookie’s emotional ties to him.

The other story lines were clearly secondary this week, but they all played a part in the TB universe and the season’s development:

· Sam finally met his biological family, the Mickens. He learned that he’s not alone in his shape-shifting ways and that he has a little brother, Tommy. Tommy turns into a pitbull (significantly more menacing than Sam’s collie) and tried to get Sam hit by a truck.

· Lafayette took Tara to see that his mother, Ruby, was in the crazy house. The same place he feared Tara would end up at if she kept being self-destructive. Tara seemed to head his advice, but when he left her out of sight for more than five minutes, she managed to get drunk and into a fight aided by the new British vampire, Franklin.

· Arlene avoided Terry, because she’s preggo and hasn’t figured out what to do.

· Lorena (Bill’s maker) has a lantern thrown at her and she bursts into flames.

My thoughts on all of this? I think that Sam needs to stay away from Bon Temps for a little while, it makes him a much more interesting character. Lafayette is much more than Tara deserves. She’s narcissistic and not even in a fun way, but hopefully the (kind of sexy) Franklin will occupy her time and give Lafayette better things to do. Things that, hopefully, don’t include wearing bedazzled jersey dresses.

The episode culminated with Sookie and Eric, the way every episode should end in my opinion. He’s slowly showing her that not only is he sexier than Bill, but he can protect her just as well. He commanded her to let him into her house, not to “have passionate primal sex”, but to fight the werewolf that was in her home. We won’t know what comes from Sookie’s gunshot until next week, but judging from the previews, I’m assuming the intruder isn’t dead just yet.

Overall, good episode. The character development was on point and we’re given more reasons to keep tuning in and multiple plots to speculate on. I’m hoping the payoff is better than last season’s “Maryanne” clusterfuck, but only time will tell with that one.


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