MUSIC WORLD: Nicki Minaj v. Lil’ Kim


I’m not sure what Lil’ Kim is trying to do, but she’s been going IN on Nicki Minaj for the past couple of days. I was hesitant to do a post about it because I find it slightly ridiculous, but there have been a number of interviews where Lil’ Kim explains her beef. She spoke with about what she’s doing and her beef with Nicki Minaj and Diddy, and her alleged Twitter rant. Check the two part interview below.

How do you feel about the beef? There should be room for everyone in the rap game. The comparisons are so easy to make, but don’t you feel like Lil’ Kim should be above this? #imjustsayin


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  1. This is quite funny…She is definitely doing the most. Anything for a lil attention right? I mean let’s be real I’m pretty sure she has swagger-jacked at some point in her career too. Nicki’s “hot” right now so just leave it alone…hell look at it as a compliment. The game has changed since the last time Lil Kim was out…I’m not sure how she would fit back in but hey…to each her own. She goin hard at Diddy…wonder if he’s gonna respond…until then…

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